How worship to God happens and what it actually looks like varies around the world. In fact, others’ offering of worship to God in your own community may look completely different from how you worship.

Of course, there are differences in how people dress and things they might recite, but this question is focused on the activities in which we engage in our worship to God. In fact, just a search on “worship activities” brings all kinds of results. For example, offers suggestions during Covid that “include a simple prayer or worship activity which families can engage with together, using movement, interaction, craft, play and more. We will be varying the themes and types of engagement with God, and we are sure that you’ll be able to adapt the ideas to suit your family.”

But what if there were certain activities that God expected in worship to Him? Is it really up to us to determine, taking the liberty to define what our worship to God looks like? Consider below what Scripture shows us about what first-century worship to God looked like and let us know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments.

How Scripture answers "What does worship to God look like?"

Fundamentally, worship to God should be in spirit and in truth1 – assembling in the name of Jesus Christ8 (e.g. in Christian fellowship) and presence of the Holy Spirit. Further, according to Scripture, our worship to God on the first day of the week should include:

  • partaking of the Lord’s Supper2,7
  • giving for specific need(s)3
  • singing songs of praise to/for God5
  • reading of Scripture6
  • teaching/preaching6,7 (by the men11)
  • prayers10

Finally, when we come together in worship to God, it should be with the forethought and planning that accounts for the needs and encouragement of others4,6. Women are to remain silent11 in keeping with order9 and subjection5,11. Worship isn’t about our own spiritual fulfillment or enjoyment (although it should achieve both). It is first in honor and glory to God and Jesus as Lord8, and second to encourage fellow saints in Christ to press on4.

Answer built on scripture-blocks below

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