It may seem like an odd or obvious question, but it’s definitely worth asking. Christian’s should be mindful of who we worship when coming together. More and more evidence in the Evangelical and Christian world today would suggest the question of who we worship is either forgotten or not terribly important.

Advocacy for worshipping wherever and however you like is abundant. Gathering together for corporate, formal worship at all isn’t even universally accepted. For example, offers suggestions during Covid that “include a simple prayer or worship activity which families can engage with together, using movement, interaction, craft, play and more. We will be varying the themes and types of engagement with God, and we are sure that you’ll be able to adapt the ideas to suit your family.”

More and more it seems that who we worship is ourselves. We gather together for our own benefit and enjoyment. It lets us feel good. It soothes our conscience. Let’s be reminded from Scripture of who we worship when gathered together.

How Scripture answers "Who do we worship when gathered together?"

Followers of Christ are to worship God1,4,5,6, and God alone3,4,5,7. While Scripture is clear about who Christians are to worship, they are also clear that worship to God can be done in vain2 and to false gods3,4. We should be careful to remember who we worship, why we worship Him1,4,5. What we think is worship may not be acceptable6 or pleasing to God2,3.

Answer built on scripture-blocks below

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