He came to earth once, and when Jesus returns it will be different. He came to earth the first time on a mission. When Jesus returns a second time, there won’t be a literal thousand year reign nor will He even come all the way down to earth.

How Scripture answers "What happens when Jesus returns?"

When Jesus returns, He will come on His throne12 with angels1,4 and a trumpet7 to judge all people1,4,9 – the great and final “day of the Lord“. All the saints, specifically all believers that remain blameless5,9 (or, are found “eagerly waiting for Him”8), will be saved8 and gathered to Him11 in the air/clouds12. Saints will not only see Him as He is, but they will be like Him10 and glorified with Him3. This includes the living as well as those passed on6,7,9. God’s work of setting apart/perfecting in holiness (2 Corinthians 7:1) the Christian (by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) will be complete2,5,10, Satan’s rule will end6, and Jesus will deliver the kingdom back to the Father6.

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