Events in the world today have many asking, “Are we entering the tribulation?”  Do events in the world around us suggest that the tribulation is beginning or about to begin?

How Scripture answers "When is the Tribulation on earth?"

For the Christian, the “tribulation” is ongoing.  New Testament writers consistently spoke about a “then present” tribulation confronting1,2,5,9 Christians of their day. And why wouldn’t they? It was promised by Jesus on multiple occasions7,8 as a consequence of discipleship and foretold by the prophet Moses centuries prior3. There is no “Great”, future tribulation to take place. Jesus’ reference to such6 was for the people of His day, and the so-often misquoted “great tribulation” of Revelation4 simply describes all Christians that would have endured through their own tribulation of discipleship3,7,8 until the final day of judgment.

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