As a phrase, the second death is only mentioned four times in the Bible. All of them occur in the book of Revelation1,2,3,4. One of these mentioning second death1 gives a fairly explicit definition. It states that the second death is “the lake of fire”. But what more can Scripture teach us about the second death?

How Scripture answers "What is the second death in Revelation?"

The second death is one being thrown into the lake of burning sulfur4 and fire1,4 for all eternity5. It is “second” as it follows one’s physical (or “first”) death3,7 and is the consequence for one’s evil4,5 deeds1. Those subject to the second death will not be named in the Lamb’s book of life1,6. Conversely, the second death will have no power or hold over those “priests of God” that have shared in the “first resurrection2. These “conquerers”3,4,6,7 that escape the second death are the ones remaining faithful3,6 until death7 (their first, physical death) and receiving the crown of life from Jesus3.

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