Nero of Rome

Unrighteous political leaders can hold sway on many things that Christians must endure. It could be policy decisions, wars that are fought or just general injustice and corruption. The unrighteous political leaders’ decisions can have a profound effect on a Christian – how they live, if they’re persecuted, if they’re killed – just ask the first century Christian’s under Nero!

An all-powerful God obviously can work through wicked or unrighteous political leaders, but does He?

How Scripture answers "Does God work through unrighteous political leaders?"

God can and does work through unrighteous political leaders1,2,7. In fact, we can find throughout Scripture examples of nations and political leaders that were vessels for God’s plan that culminated in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in the “fullness of time”6. God’s will is always accomplished, regardless of an individual’s personal righteousness3.

Unrighteous political leaders and their policies can have dire consequences on the citizenry they rule5 or provide peace and contentment1,2,7. While Christians are not in a position to definitively know God’s direct intervention with any political leader, we can judge their righteous deeds just as Jesus commanded…we can judge whether the leader acts righteous or unrighteous (outwardly)…we can judge whether they give glory to God or not…we can judge how their policies may impact living daily life as a Christian. However, we can’t judge their heart but we can always take solace in the fact that Jesus still rules and has ultimate authority4.

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