truth on prophets


Modern day “prophets” abound. They wear the name in order to imply or outright claim they are speaking for God.

Understanding some fundamental aspects about the prophets of old sheds light on the claims made by so many during these times. Prophets are a fascinating class unto themselves in Scripture that hold many lessons for us today.

So then you [more]

truth on spiritual authority


Getting to truth on spiritual authority is absolutely critical. If we can’t come to grips with what guides and instructs our spiritual journey then we are lost.

In a world of fake news and confusion about where to turn for “truth” we could listen to our heart — but that would be a mistake.

We’ve collected some basics on authority. They [more]

truth on eternal salvation


What must I do to be saved?

Peter answered this exact question for a crowd that asked him the same thing in Acts 2. He answered them succinctly, but the truth on salvation – your eternal salvation – runs trough the entire Bible. The great plan of God to “redeem us from all lawlessness” was revealed in the very [more]

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