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Getting to truth on worship matters.  If you believe in God, then you probably believe He expects and desires worship.

It’s logical to conclude that a sovereign God cares about the circumstances of worship that is offered to Him.  In fact, He told us in his Word.  We’ve collected the basics to answer the when, where, how and who on worship.

You must not worship the Lord your God the way they worship. But you must seek only the place he chooses from all your tribes to establish his name as his place of residence, and you must go there.

Deuteronomy 12:4-5

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When do we worship?

By example we see saints gathering on the first day of the week, Sunday, to worship God and break bread1. Importantly, we don’t see any other example or time when Christians gathered to worship.

Instead, we see Paul seeking out the church in certain cities he visited and staying for seven days, presumably to worship on the appointed day2. We also see him gathering with Jews observing their Sabbath with the express purpose of teaching the gospel to many at once3.

Where do we worship?

The Bible says much about God’s preferences on how He is worshiped, not the least is where God is to be worshiped. It is a central factor in the Old Testament under the Mosaic Covenant3,4,5,6,7. So much so, that even when the nation was divided, some people still honored God’s desire to be worshipped His way and in His place7.

God had designated the tabernacle3 and later the temple7 as specific and required places of worship. They were marked by His very presence3,4,5. The people clearly understood this in Moses’ time3, David’s time6, and on through to the divided kingdom7 and into Jesus’ day in the first century1.

As Jesus ushers in a new covenant in the pages of the New Testament, He points to a time where worship location will change1, but God’s presence will still mark the location – wherever two or more are gathered2. Or, as Paul states, coming together in the same place8.

How should we worship?

Fundamentally, worship to God should be in spirit and in truth1 – assembling in the name of Jesus Christ8. Further, according to Scripture, our worship to God on the first day of the week should include:

  • partaking of the Lord’s Supper2,7
  • giving for specific need(s)3
  • singing songs of praise to/for God5
  • reading of Scripture6
  • teaching/preaching6,7

Finally, when we come together in worship to God, it should be with the forethought and planning that accounts for the needs and encouragement of others4,6.

Worship really isn’t about our own spiritual fulfillment or enjoyment (although it should achieve both). It is first in honor and glory to God and Jesus as Lord8, and second to encourage fellow saints in Christ to press on.

Who should we worship?

Followers of Christ are to worship God1,4,5, and God alone3,4,5. While Scripture is clear about who Christians are to worship, they are also clear that worship to God can be done in vain2 and to false gods3,4.

We should be careful to remember who we worship, why we worship Him1,4,5 and that what we think is worship may not be acceptable or pleasing to God2,3.

getting to truth on worship is more than a little important, agreed?

Connect with us if you think we’re missing it….our souls depend on it too!

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