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Sin is an ugly word. It keeps company with other words like "wrongdoing", "error", and "evil". In the religious world, unless there is an understanding and acknowledgment that sin exists there's not much more to talk about.

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So Moses returned to the Lord and said, Alas, this people has sinned a great sin. They have made for themselves gods of gold. But now, if you will forgive their sin—but if not, please blot me out of your book that you have written. But the Lord said to Moses, Whoever has sinned against me, I will blot out of my book.
So Moses came back to God confessing that the people had sinned gravely by making golden idols. He asked if God would forgive them, and that if He couldn’t, to also remove him from His book [of life]. But God said no, any individual that sins against Him is blotted out of His book.

Moses is on the mountain receiving the law (Ten Commandments) from God while the people have become impatient and built a golden calf to worship in Moses’ absence.  God promises that there will be a consequence for their sin (vs 34)  in the form of a plague (vs 35).

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    Top 3: Scripture challenges to once saved always saved?

    The once saved always saved doctrine (e.g. OSAS) teaches that once someone has been saved they can never fall away or "fall from grace." This argument usually stems from an absolute position regarding God's sovereignty. The reasoning goes something like: If God is sovereign (which He is), and God wants [more]

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    What is salvation according to the Bible?

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    Can one fall from grace?

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    How are works defined in the Bible?

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    What is God’s pattern of salvation?

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  • Thief on the cross

    What about the thief on the cross?

    When it comes to the thief on the cross, it's usually only raised as the "textbook" example of God's saving grace. Specifically, it's raised to counter the necessity of baptism. The popular response is something like, "What about the thief on the cross? Jesus declared him saved without having to [more]

  • Saved by Grace Only

    How are we saved by grace only?

    "Saved by grace only" is a catchy phrase that permeates websites and papers discussing salvation. We can't prove it, but it seems to be "de facto" doctrine among most evangelicals. The grace only doctrine has its own Latin banner - sola gratia. It is the mantra for whole movements and [more]

  • Saul saved on the road to Damascus

    Was Saul saved on the road to Damascus?

    There is a common belief among Christians today that Saul was saved on the road to Damascus. The conversion account of Saul, later known as Paul the apostle, is well documented in Scripture. In fact, there are three accounts of his conversion that are candidates to consider if Saul [more]

  • Baptism for the forgiveness of sins

    Is baptism for the forgiveness of sins?

    Baptism "for the forgiveness of sins" is a statement Peter makes in his sermon on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:38 ). The preposition "for" comes from the Greek word "eis" which is defined by Strong's to mean, "to or into (indicating the point reached [more]

  • Plan for a Savior

    What was God’s plan for a savior?

    God's plan for a savior is fundamental to His plan of salvation. Messiah, or "lit. 'the anointed one,' is a saviour or liberator of a group of people". We can read about the life of this Messiah, Jesus Christ, in the four Gospels. However, looking at God's plan for a savior [more]

  • Come before God in judgement

    Who will come before God in judgment?

    Many today live as though they will never come before God in judgment. But Jesus said, "Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." (Matthew 24:44) In the same context, he divulges that "concerning that day and hour [more]

  • Judged according to works

    Will we be judged according to works?

    The idea that we will be judged according to works is a remarkably contentious one. It would seem that the thought of being "judged according to works" requires that God's grace must be denied. In other words, to say that we are judged according to works is to say that [more]

  • For whom did Christ die

    For whom did Christ die?

    What Christian's believe and how they have come to understand what the Bible teaches isn't always shaped purely by Scripture. The Ancient Greek influence of Gnosticism has had a profound and enduring effect on Christian thought. Indeed, that may be the case in needing to ask the question, "For [more]

  • Grace Irresistible

    Is God’s grace irresistible?

    God's irresistible grace, also referred to as the 'effectual call' in the Westminster Confession of Faith, is probably better known as "irresistible grace". It represents the "I" in "TULIP" - a broader collection of doctrines ascribed to John Calvin (even though he existed long before the acronym). This doctrine [more]

  • God's Seal

    What does the Bible say about God’s seal?

    The seal of God or 'God's seal' is a term that comes up enough in Scripture to take note. In fact, based on much of the published material about God's seal, there is too often only one instance that seems to be taken as the primary or default passage. Unfortunately, [more]

  • Hearing the Gospel

    Is hearing the gospel the only way to know God’s will?

    Hearing the gospel is certainly one way for an individual to come to know about God's will. When somebody hears the "good news" they learn about Jesus, His mission on earth and God's plan for mankind's salvation. While hearing the gospel is one way, is it the only way [more]