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Getting to truth about Jesus, the Son of God - why He came and what He taught. It is in these "last days" that God "has spoken to us by his Son" as the Hebrews writer tells us.

These are just some of the very basic truths about Jesus discovered from Scripture with the help of the BSF.

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Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world.

In a previous time God spoke to man through the prophets, but now (“these last days”) He has spoken through His son, Jesus Christ. Additionally, God appointed Him heir of all things and through Him created the world.

Opening to the letter of Hebrews, written to Jews that had believed and obeyed the gospel.  The writer is beginning his argument and evidence for why everything is better in Jesus by pointing to the prophets (and angels) that had, in times past, delivered God’s message.

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  • Jesus both God and man

    How was Jesus both God and man at the same time?

    Understanding how Jesus is both God and man has challenged scholars for centuries. Another Bible question site concludes, "While a certain amount of mystery will always accompany this issue, both Scripture and, to a lesser extent, church tradition provide for us important distinctions to help us make sense of [more]

  • Jesus live under the new covenant

    Did Jesus live under the new covenant?

    The New Testament begins with the books called the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the accounts of the life of Jesus. Jesus was the Son of God and the promise of the new covenant. But did Jesus live under the new covenant? Jesus lived under2,3,7 [more]

  • Root of David

    Who is the Root of David?

    The "Root of David" is a proper name used in Scripture, in particular in the book of Revelation1. As is typical in Bible books of prophecy, a highly figurative and visual term is used to describe something...but what? Many times, we are not able to absolutely assert the prophets' [more]

  • Did Jesus Sin

    Did Jesus sin?

    Did Jesus sin while He walked the earth? Some might argue the question is mute, believing that He couldn't sin since He was the Son of God. However, Scripture is clear on that point -- while Jesus was the Son of God, He was at the same time fully human. [more]

  • Images of the Church

    Top 5: Images of the church?

    The images of the church that God has chosen are powerful! In fact, God very often communicates in His word through imagery and metaphors, and why wouldn't He given their use "takes an abstract, hard to understand idea and compares it to a simple, concrete, well-understood idea" ("Why Metaphors are [more]

  • Time of Christ

    What was the time of Christ?

    Scripture doesn't comment about the time of Christ in typical human terms.  The exact dates of his birth or death are not mentioned. But that's not to say that Scripture is silent about the time of Christ. In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about the time of [more]

  • Did Jesus accomplish all

    Did Jesus accomplish all that He came to do?

    There is a belief among some that Jesus did not accomplish all that He came to earth to do. On the surface, the suggestion that God could fail and that Jesus did not accomplish His mission seems absurd.  Yet, this seems to come primarily from some premillennial thought and teaching [more]

  • Remedy for sin

    What is the remedy for sin?

    Sin is an unfortunate reality in this world. The remedy for sin and evil in this world has been pursued and framed by many different movements. Recently, the "New Age" philosophy has centered around man's own ability to do better or be better. This "look inward" approach to the [more]

  • When Jesus Returns

    What happens when Jesus returns?

    He came to earth once, and when Jesus returns it will be different. He came to earth the first time on a mission. When Jesus returns a second time, there won't be a literal thousand year reign nor will He even come all the way down to earth. [more]

  • Peace on Earth

    Did Jesus bring peace on earth?

    Inspired by the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland in 1998, U2 wrote a song called "Peace on Earth". The song challenged the very premise of its title. In the bombing's aftermath, Bono, the Irish-native and lead singer confessed, "the whole 'peace on earth, goodwill to all men' struck a [more]

  • Plan for a Savior

    What was God’s plan for a savior?

    God's plan for a savior is fundamental to His plan of salvation. Messiah, or "lit. 'the anointed one,' is a saviour or liberator of a group of people". We can read about the life of this Messiah, Jesus Christ, in the four Gospels. However, looking at God's plan for a savior [more]

  • Jesus fully man

    Was God fully human?

    The concept that God was fully human is a difficult one for mere mortals to grasp. Even the phrase "God incarnate" does not give the full impact. According to the word incarnate means "embodied in flesh; given a bodily, especially a human, form". The idea of "God fully human" [more]

  • Thousand year reign

    Will Jesus reign 1000 years?

    Many believe that Jesus will reign 1000 years when He returns (the doctrine of "millennialism"). In fact, the Bible says that, "they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him [Jesus] for a thousand years." (Revelation 20:6) However, it's just one verse. Could it [more]

  • Jesus perform miracles

    Why did Jesus perform miracles?

    Did Jesus perform miracles because He was compassionate? This is the typical reason given by many. Possibly influenced by the popularity of the "social gospel" in modern Christianity, it's often assumed that Jesus performed miracles purely as an act of compassion. Indeed, Matthew records at the feeding of the five [more]

  • Where is Jesus today

    Where is Jesus today?

    Where Jesus is today is a simple enough question.  However, level-setting on the answer can be foundational in understanding other aspects of the Godhead.  It can also be the first step in understanding other characteristics and responsibilities for the Son of God. Jesus is in heaven4,7,9,10,11,15,16, seated at [more]

  • For whom did Christ die

    For whom did Christ die?

    What Christian's believe and how they have come to understand what the Bible teaches isn't always shaped purely by Scripture. The Ancient Greek influence of Gnosticism has had a profound and enduring effect on Christian thought. Indeed, that may be the case in needing to ask the question, "For [more]

  • Will King David return?

    Will King David return to reign again?

    A literal return of King David is a tenant of much of the modern religious thought today. Purveyors of premillennial doctrine, such as David Jeremiah, teach that King David will return in the flesh to rule alongside Jesus during the thousand year reign on earth. The prophets have much to [more]

  • Heal the Sick

    Was helping the needy why Jesus came to earth?

    Helping the needy was a central activity of Jesus during His short public ministry. Whether He was healing the sick, feeding the poor, even raising the dead, we see Jesus helping the needy in various ways. In fact, his reputation for helping the needy spread, and great crowds would [more]

  • Jesus Return to Earth

    Will Jesus return…to earth?

    The awaiting of Jesus' second coming and Jesus return to earth are synonymous. (Of course, just like some false teachers taught in the first century, some believe Jesus has already returned.) Our emphasis here is the "to earth" specifically. This is the unchallenged position of many Christians today. It's [more]

  • Literal one thousand year reign

    Will there be a literal one thousand year reign (Revelation 20:6)?

    A literal one thousand year reign of Jesus on His throne. There are many that believe Jesus' return is for just that - a literal one thousand year reign (millennium) on earth. It is widely taught and even passed down as "church doctrine." It is a teaching that comes from [more]

  • Jesus’ mission on earth

    What was Jesus’ mission on earth?

    Jesus' mission is something that can be confused with His actions. What Jesus came to this world to do (Jesus' mission) and what he did (Jesus' activities) are not necessarily the same thing. For example, one of the things He did was feed the hungry. But was that Jesus' [more]

  • Miracles still happen today

    Do miracles still happen today?

    "It's a miracle!" That's an exclamation we hear often and have probably uttered ourselves. It might be used to describe passing a test you didn't study for or to sum up a great, come-from-behind victory. For example, the great Olympic victory by the U.S. Men's Hockey team is known as [more]

  • Apostle see Jesus

    Is it required that an apostle see Jesus?

    Must an apostle see Jesus? This question gets raised when attempting to justify the appointment of apostles today. The word "apostle" in the Greek (apóstolos) literally means "one who is sent" or "to send off" or simply "messenger". Therefore, while the word could be applied to any missionary or emissary, [more]

  • Church Name

    What is Christ’s church called?

    Christ's church goes by many, many different names in this day and time. The signs in front of Christian churches testify to the countless denominations that exist as well as thousands of independent or non-denominational groups. Christ's church may indeed be hard to identify with a sign. Wikipedia defines a [more]

  • Jesus teach in parables

    Why did Jesus teach using parables?

    A parable as defined by is "a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson" or "a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the like." If we were to just take this [more]