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Bible study on end times and all things "end of world" generates a tremendous amount of air time and page space.  Search under the category of "end times" on Billy Graham's site and you will get over 230 articles.

"End times" shares company with words like "signs" and  "mystery" and "apocalypse".  It's possible the human mind's fascination with solving mysteries and knowing "things hidden" is at work here.  At the very least we see imagination running wild.  But what if all the hype was just that - hype?

Maybe the greatest and most direct way of how Scripture interprets Scripture is the New Testament writers' interpretation of the Old Testament prophets' prophecies.

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Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world.

In a previous time God spoke to man through the prophets, but now (“these last days”) He has spoken through His son, Jesus Christ. Additionally, God appointed Him heir of all things and through Him created the world.

Opening to the letter of Hebrews, written to Jews that had believed and obeyed the gospel.  The writer is beginning his argument and evidence for why everything is better in Jesus by pointing to the prophets (and angels) that had, in times past, delivered God’s message.

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  • What happens next

    What happens next in the Bible?

    Many in this world speculate about what happens next. Religious leaders are busy pondering the "end times". They have elaborate expectations about what happens next in the Bible. For example, a search on "end times timeline" reveals countless charts, documents, and presentations that have been put together to illustrate what [more]

  • Jesus work

    Did Jesus accomplish all that He came to do?

    There is a belief among some that Jesus did not accomplish all that He came to earth to do. On the surface, the suggestion that God could fail and that Jesus did not accomplish His mission seems absurd.  Yet, this seems to come primarily from some premillennial thought and teaching [more]

  • When Jesus Returns

    What happens when Jesus returns?

    He came to earth once, and when Jesus returns it will be different. He came to earth the first time on a mission. When Jesus returns a second time, there won't be a literal thousand year reign nor will He even come all the way down to earth. [more]

  • When is the Tribulation

    When is the Tribulation on earth?

    Events in the world today have many asking, "Are we entering the tribulation?"  Do events in the world around us suggest that the tribulation is beginning or about to begin? For the Christian, the "tribulation" is ongoing.  New Testament writers consistently spoke about a "then present" tribulation confronting1,2,5,9 [more]

  • Jesus' kingdom

    When was Jesus’ kingdom established?

    The idea of Jesus' kingdom comes from Jesus Himself, but was Jesus' kingdom established when He walked on earth in the first century? The question of "When?" regarding Jesus' kingdom is debated.  Some even say that Jesus came to establish His kingdom but he failed. What will Scripture tell us? [more]

  • Thousand year reign

    Will Jesus reign 1000 years?

    Many believe that Jesus will reign 1000 years when He returns (the doctrine of "millennialism"). In fact, the Bible says that, "they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him [Jesus] for a thousand years." (Revelation 20:6) However, it's just one verse. Could it [more]

  • Tribulation

    What does the Bible say about [the] tribulation?

    A Google search on the word "tribulation" yields front page results about the Tribulation (capital "T") or even the Great Tribulation. In fact, we had to go three pages deep before getting the simple definition of the word (lowercase "t"), only to be followed by several more pages of 'T'ribulation. [more]

  • Promised Land

    Was the land promise fulfilled in 1948?

    God's land promise was originally made to Abraham in roughly 2,000BC. The Bible first tells of the land promise in Genesis 12:1-3 and it is repeated several more times to Abraham and descendants Isaac and Jacob (aka Israel). As a result, the "Promised Land" became the great quest of [more]

  • King David

    Will King David return to reign again?

    A literal return of King David is a tenant of much of the modern religious thought today. Purveyors of premillennial doctrine, such as David Jeremiah, teach that King David will return in the flesh to rule alongside Jesus during the thousand year reign on earth. The prophets have much to [more]

  • Elijah

    Will Elijah return?

    Central to this question of will Elijah return is a prophecy given by Malachi. Elijah was a prophet that lived during the final days of the judges, just before the first King Saul was installed over the twelve tribes of Israel. He lived roughly seven hundred years before Malachi, yet [more]

  • Spiritual remnant

    How many are in God’s remnant?

    One of the oft debated questions about the remnant of Israel described in God's word is how many it will include. There are different ideas, but one of the most prominent beliefs about the number in God's remnant comes from Revelation. That's the first passage1 we will look at but [more]

  • Christ's Kingdom

    What is the nature of the kingdom of God?

    Understanding the kingdom of God and its characteristics is fundamental to understanding much of God's revealed word. How and what one understands the kingdom of God to be will impact their understanding of such monumental events as Jesus coming to earth, His promised return, and the final judgment! First published [more]

  • Interpreting Bible Prophecy

    Can we interpret Bible prophecy?

    How we interpret Bible prophecy presents a unique challenge, at least to the extent that the question should be asked...Is Bible prophecy even something we can interpret? interpret (verb): 1-to explain or tell the meaning of : present in understandable terms. 2-to conceive in the light of individual belief, [more]

  • Antichrist

    Who is the Antichrist?

    So much is made today about the Antichrist (capital "A"). A search on YouTube for prognosticators about the person of the Antichrist - his appearing, his personality, his birthplace, etc. etc. - will garner videos with hundreds of thousands, even millions of views. We've linked one such purveyor here. [more]

  • Last Days

    When are the last days?

    The last days is a common phrase in Scripture, especially with the prophets of the Old Testament. They often speak of the last days and other derivative phrases such as days are coming or latter days or in/on that day. The Hebrew words for "last/latter" and "days" can be [more]

  • Jesus return to earth

    Will Jesus return…to earth?

    Jesus will return to earth...this is the unchallenged position of many Christians today. It's part of and foundational to a much broader belief around Jesus' second coming - also known as end times doctrine or eschatology. In addition to Jesus’ return to earth, other popularly believed aspects of His [more]

  • Thousand year reign

    Will there be a literal one-thousand-year reign?

    A literal one-thousand-year reign of Jesus on His throne. There are many that believe Jesus' return is for just that - a literal one-thousand-year reign (millennium) on earth. It is widely taught and even passed down as "church doctrine." It is a teaching that comes from primarily one verse [more]