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what the Bible says about Bible study


The truth of what the Bible says about Bible study doesn't have to be hard to discover. Yet, many believe it's too difficult. Unfortunately, a litany of other books and a chorus of false teachers is fuel for their apprehension. Church leaders boast about their extensive libraries and their theological degrees. The implication is that Bible study is only for the "professionals".

truth on sin


Sin is an ugly word. It keeps company with other words like "wrongdoing", "error", and "evil". In the religious world, unless there is an understanding and acknowledgment that sin exists there's not much more to talk about.

truth on prophets


Modern day "prophets" abound. They wear the name in order to imply or outright claim they are speaking for God. Understanding some fundamental aspects about the prophets of old sheds light on the claims made by so many during these times. Prophets are a fascinating class unto themselves in Scripture that hold many lessons for us today.

truth on baptism


How did we get here? Baptism. A topic so fundamental to the Jewish culture and first-century life before Jesus (aka John the Baptist). Seemingly so clear to the Jews of that day that converted to Christianity, like the twelve that had been baptized "into John's baptism" but hearing the truth from the Apostle Paul, immediately were baptized "into Christ" (

Acts 19:3-7
). How did we get here, indeed?

truth on the Holy Spirit


Getting to truth on the Holy Spirit is difficult but not impossible. God has shared His word and things about His Holy Spirit for us to know. There are also things we can't know (because He hasn't revealed it). Let's study some of the basics and see what Scripture reveals for us.

truth on worship


Getting to truth on worship matters.  If you believe in God, then you probably believe He expects and desires worship. It's logical to conclude that a sovereign God cares about the circumstances of worship that is offered to Him.  In fact, He told us in his Word.  We've collected the basics to answer the when, where, how and who on worship.

truth on spiritual authority


Getting to truth on spiritual authority is absolutely critical. If we can't come to grips with what guides and instructs our spiritual journey then we are lost. In a world of fake news and confusion about where to turn for "truth" we could listen to our heart --- but that would be a mistake. We've collected some basics on authority. They are highlights from our BSF library and the answers are linked directly to the question for full Scriptural detail.

truth on Jesus


Getting to truth about Jesus, the Son of God - why He came and what He taught. It is in these "last days" that God "has spoken to us by his Son" as the Hebrews writer tells us. These are just some of the very basic truths about Jesus discovered from Scripture with the help of the BSF.

what the Bible says about Salvation


Determining what the Bible says about salvation may be your single most important endeavor. Many "think" they know. Many more have been taught something that might not line up exactly. But the truth about what the Bible says about salvation - your eternal salvation - is clear and consistent throughout the Book. The great plan of God to "redeem us from all lawlessness" was revealed in the very first pages of the Bible - "in the beginning". It's why "God has appeared" as Paul writes to Titus in the featured scripture-block.

Getting to the truth about your path to salvation can be known. Why would God leave it ambiguous? Answering just a few basic questions with Scripture reveals the plain truth about what the Bible says about your eternal salvation.

truth on end times


Bible study on end times and all things "end of world" generates a tremendous amount of air time and page space.  Search under the category of "end times" on Billy Graham's site and you will get over 230 articles. "End times" shares company with words like "signs" and  "mystery" and "apocalypse".  It's possible the human mind's fascination with solving mysteries and knowing "things hidden" is at work here.  At the very least we see imagination running wild.  But what if all the hype was just that - hype? Maybe the greatest and most direct way of how Scripture interprets Scripture is the New Testament writers' interpretation of the Old Testament prophets' prophecies.

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