Prerequisite questions

We recommend reviewing these questions and their footnoted scripture-blocks prior to tackling "Is speaking in tongues required for salvation?"

Many today teach that speaking in tongues is required for salvation. The notion that speaking in tongues is even related to salvation stems from two things. First, that Jesus said believers, “will speak in new tongues”. But secondly is the mistaken conclusion that the “baptism of the Holy Spirit” is connected to one’s salvation.

Therefore, when put together, one might say, “As a result of being baptized with the Holy Spirit, a true believer will speak in tongues.” The prerequisite questions are important here so make sure to review them as they form the basis to understand if speaking in tongues is required for salvation.

How Scripture answers "Is speaking in tongues required for salvation?"

Jesus never said that all believers would speaking tongues1 . Rather, it would be one of the many signs that believers would perform, which is exactly what we see in the first century church2. Along with the other spiritual gifts, speaking in tongues was given by the Spirit2 in order to the confirm the word, and along with the other miraculous gifts, were done away with after the apostles’ generation. Therefore, when speaking in tongues existed, it had nothing to do with one’s salvation.

Answer built on scripture-blocks below

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