In his first letter to Timothy, Paul makes a statement that deserves a closer look. When he says in 1 Timothy 2:153 that women should be saved through childbearing some immediate questions might arise. For example, is Paul saying that only women that have children can be saved? Or, is Paul adding a condition to God’s saving grace?

How Scripture answers "What does saved through childbearing mean in 1 Timothy 2:15?"

Understanding Paul’s statement that women would be saved through childbearing first requires understanding the Bible’s discussion of salvation both in terms of an event/moment-in-time as well as an ongoing, life-ling pursuit. Paul is addressing Christian women so they have already been saved in the sense they have been baptized and are part of the body of Christ (‘moment-in-time’ salvation). Paul is encouraging Timothy to encourage the women in the church in their ongoing/life-long pursuit of faithfulness, fellowship, and not losing hold of their salvation.

In the assembly, women are to maintain modest behavior/presentation1 and not speak over men2,4. Ultimately, they are to continue in “faith and love and holiness, with self-control”3 while remembering the core matter – to remain submissive1,2. Paul cites two reasons for this, both from Creation3, which naturally recalls God’s judgment on the woman regarding childbearing and a tendency to domineer over her husband5. To succumb to this could jeopardize her salvation3.

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