We have assembled our top three salvation false doctrines.  After tackling dozens of questions related to what the Bible (God) says about salvation and various false doctrines that are promoted by various denominations and [false] teachers, there are three especially that cut to the heart of one’s saved condition with God.

How Scripture answers "Top 3: Salvation false doctrines?"

The top three salvation false doctrines according to ScriptureInterpretsScripture.com with convenient links to the best two questions (and scripture-blocks) that debunk it:

  1. Sinner’s Prayer: This is our number one and one of the easiest to unravel with just a little bit of study and an honest look at Scripture. Made popular by the earliest tele-evangelist (Billy Graham) and carried forward by many, many more (Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen, etc.) through the years, it’s had a massive negative effect on one’s standing with God.
  2. Grace Alone (Faith Alone): A doctrine beginning through John Calvin’s reaction and response to the Catholic Church’s promotion of meritorious works to atone for sin (indulgences). Justified in the refutation but going too far, the ‘sola gratia’ salvation doctrine has led to the comprising of God’s inter-testimonial pattern of salvation.
  3. Sprinkling: This form of baptism appears in some early church writings going back to the second century, but became common practice later in the Catholic church. Fueled by other false doctrines of man’s ‘total depravity’ and the inherited guilt of Adam’s ‘original sin’, it was justified as a more accomodating way to baptize infants.

With each of these, the role in their opposition to baptism is noteworthy. The first replaces baptism, the second negates baptism, and the third changes baptism. If Satan was seeking to diminish the very point at which a person’s sins are forgiven and they become in Christ, he could not have done so more thoroughly or efficiently.

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