What are the results of baptism? We’ve assembled a list of the top four results of baptism found in Scripture. Where does “it’s an outward showing of an inward commitment” rank? Check out our top four results of baptism…and comment below.

How Scripture answers "Top 4: Results of baptism?"

The top four results of baptism are that one is:

  • Born again1,2, having died to the life of sin3 (e.g. “body of flesh”6,13) and clothed anew in Christ14, receiving the Holy Spirit1,8,9,13,
  • Forgiven of their sins3,5,9 and washed clean2,7,8,12,
  • Raised [from the water burial2] in Christ3,6,11 and set apart12 by Him10 into His church4/kingdom1,
  • Adopted as children of God13,14 and an heir to the inheritance of His promises13,14.

Scripture never mentions baptism being “an outward showing of an inward commitment/grace”. Certainly, it’s an outward showing of one’s obedient response9 — an “appeal to God” as Peter puts it7, but it’s so much more1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,13,14!

Answer built on scripture-blocks below

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