The Journal of Joseph [Smith]

The Journal of Joseph [Smith]

It seems that there have always been “prophets” of one sort or another. In another question we look at what Scripture has to say about determining a prophet of God from one that was false. But more fundamentally, what is a prophet of God?

We have lots of examples of individuals that Scripture records as a prophet of God. There are the many books of prophets preserved for us in the Old Testament – Isaiah, Daniel, Haggai, etc. We see prophets of God in the New Testament as well. In fact, Jesus Himself was a prophet (Luke 1:76). It’s clear in the Bible that prophets played an important role in God’s dealings with mankind. They fulfill a mission.

By looking at these prophets — God’s prophets — in the pages of Scripture we should be able to pull out what distinguished them as being a prophet of God.

How Scripture answers "What distinguishes a prophet of God?"

A prophet that is truly God’s prophet is sent as His spokesperson1,2,4,6,7,10,11,12. It is someone that God has revealed Himself to8 and sent on a mission to speak His literal words6,7,10. They have stood in the council of God, seeing His heavenly throne and deliberations among those around the throne5,8.

The message is not usually a happy one3. In fact, it is often a message of mourning and woe1 – effectively one of judgement10 due to the disobedience of the people.* Sometimes, the message may even be a false one – words not consistent with God’s commands – as a way to test the hearer9. But ultimately, the message announced God’s plan of salvation11,12.

*The majority and central message of what’s recorded in all the books of prophecy in the Old Testament and Revelation.

Answer built on scripture-blocks below

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