Priests of God are most often associated with the Catholic religion. That tradition has specific qualifications to become a priest. “Catholic men who have been baptized, have undertaken their confirmation, and are practicing members of their local Parish for at least 2 straight years, can be admitted to a seminary to study and become a priest. After completing their studies at the seminary, and serving as a Deacon for a period of 6 months to a year, unmarried males between the ages of 25 and 63 can be ordained as a priest.”

Of course, Catholicism is not alone in their special ordination of a priesthood. Other Christian denominations (e.g. Episcopalian, Latter Day Saints), as well as other religions (e.g. Hinduism, Taoism), delineate special “priests to God.”

How Scripture answers "Who are the priests of God?"

The priests of God are all those that follow Jesus Christ1,2,4,7, the ultimate High Priest3. Priests (or Saints6) of God can be anyone4,5,7, but only those that have “put on Christ” in baptism5. This is especially poinent given David’s psalm speaking of saints “clothed with righteousness”6.

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