Do you pray to Jesus or God? Have you ever thought about the mechanics of your prayers? Maybe you’ve never thought about it or think it doesn’t really matter. To be sure, many Christians today pray to Jesus…and God the Father…and even to the Holy Spirit. This same question was asked and answered by Graham Cole and posted by The Gospel Coalition. He opens with:

“Many Christians pray to Jesus. But are they right to do so? It’s certainly a good question. I believe there are at least two sound reasons to pray to Jesus—-one theological and one scriptural.”

Well, we’re not sure the theological reason has much bearing so we’ll stick with the scriptural part. Does the Bible have anything to say about prayer, who it’s addressed to, and if it even matters? Let’s check it out and see if Scripture takes a position one way or the other.

How Scripture answers "Do we pray to Jesus or God?"

We see example after example of Paul, both in actual prayer3,5 as well as simple statements2,4,6,11,13,14,16 that his prayers are to God. Furthermore, we have the instructions from Jesus regarding how to pray: who to pray to1 and that prayer offered in His name would be answered (by God)8, which is just what we see in the early church15,16. Paul essentially reiterates this with Jesus’ “stand between” role in prayer9,14 as well as his description of actual prayer he offers12. God is in heaven hearing our prayer and they are pleasing like sweet incense to Him10.

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