Meet the Admin

Hello! My name is Darren and I am the administrator for this site. You could probably also consider me “chief editor” or something like that, since I am ultimately responsible for all of the published content.

a little about me

I am married with two, nearly grown children, and a third “son” named Winston (pictured). I have been a born-again Christian for approximately forty years. I enjoy the outdoors and traveling, especially outside of the United States, the country in which I was born and raised and currently live. In my “mature” years I have also picked up the hobby of dual sport (or “enduro” for the Europeans) motorcycle riding.

I am in no way a “professional” in Bible. I hold no theology degree. My secular degree is a BA in Marketing from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and my professional career is in software sales. I’m not employed by a local church, nor have I ever been. I don’t own any elaborate Bible software nor do I have a big library of religious material or Bible commentaries. I don’t know a lick of Hebrew or Greek, other than what anyone could reference online.

Interestingly, none of these man-made credentials are ever noted in the Bible as conditions to understand God’s word.

credentials (?)

Whatever I may know or think I understand about the Bible comes primarily from reading it. Sure I attend church, have heard countless sermons (and preached a few), participated in group Bible studies, and have had Bible mentors like my father and a few others. All of us share influences like these and many more that have shaped our faith and spirituality.

However, I’m not sure that anything has been more powerful in shaping my understanding of the Bible other than simply reading it. And what I mean here by “reading” is reading it through cover to cover…again…and again…and again. That’s all I claim for credentials.

My prayer is that this site is a resource for your personal Bible study. There are hundreds of scripture-blocks that are constructing dozens of answers. You can lend your own study to those answers if you like. But more than this, I pray that this site can promote an approach to God’s word that I fear is being lost today…even among God’s people. May we not simply look to His word for wisdom, but do so believing that He is true to His promise that it’s all we need for eternal life.

In Him,

why this site

I had been thinking about a site like this for quite a long time — years in fact. It did not become a reality until early Summer, 2020. Since then, it has been a near constant “hobby” in terms of maintenance and content publishing. Fundamentally, the intent is for it to be two things that are sorely missing today:

  • a mechanism to encourage Bible study…with just the Bible, and
  • a counter to the most basic false doctrines that are presented publicly with no refutation.

Hopefully, the unique presentation on this site and the fact that answers are “built on scripture” will be a means to achieve these goals.

what this site is not

This site is not the “gospel according to a person or organization”. In fact, it’s designed to be just the opposite. There are several mechanisms built into the site that I believe avoid this danger:

  1. The foundational premise that Scripture interprets Scripture (not me or anyone else),
  2. The mission to tackle the most basic truths by which we enjoy fellowship in Jesus,
  3. The structure of the Bible Study Framework that guides in a simple, yet structured, process,
  4. The public comment that keeps the conversation open and honest, providing an opportunity to address interpretations of the passages presented, suggest other passages that may apply, etc. etc.

The whole point is to amplify God’s word; not mine or yours or a preacher’s or a denominational church’s. Hence our tagline, “Bible answers literally built on scripture.”

support the cause ??

If any of this resonates, and you’re looking for an avenue to enhance your own Bible study, facilitate your own personal work, or promote your own material keep reading….

There are lots of ways to use and help this site spread a sound approach to studying God’s word. But at a minimum, if there is anything about the site that you feel is inaccurate, misleading or off-putting, I hope that you will reach out privately and let us know. Ideas are welcomed! In particular, I’m really interested in better tuning the site to “funnel” seekers toward further discussion and study.