The idea of Jesus’ kingdom comes from Jesus Himself, but was Jesus’ kingdom established when He walked on earth in the first century? The question of “When?” regarding Jesus’ kingdom is debated.  Some even say that Jesus came to establish His kingdom but he failed. What will Scripture tell us?

how Scripture answers "When was Jesus’ kingdom established?"

Jesus’ kingdom was established in the first century1,3,5,7,8,11. It was an explicit purpose for His mission on earth, and it is what He preached about2,4. Peter confirms Jesus’ kingdom beginning on the day of Pentecost10, not many days after Jesus Himself testified to it being “near”2 and in their lifetime3. These “latter days”1 continue until what is next – “the end” – when Jesus returns the kingdom to His Father9 and all the saints are together in the heavenly kingdom6.

the answer above is built on and footnoted with the following scripture-blocks

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