When it comes to Jesus and OSAS (the doctrine of “once saved, always saved”), we gathered our top four passages. Once saved, always saved teaches that once a person becomes in a “saved relationship” with God/Christ, there is nothing that can “unsave” them. It is vehemently upheld by many prominent preachers and “pastors” such as Billy Graham, Charles Stanley, and John Piper. But what about Jesus and OSAS?

How Scripture answers "Top 5: Jesus and OSAS?"

Connecting Jesus and OSAS is a bit of a misnomer according to these top five related statements/teachings from Him:

  1. The Sower/Soils1 – Within the spectrum of those that hear the gospel, there are three types of individuals that will hear and obey. However, two of these three1 will not continue in their initial state – one, not remaining faithful through trials, and the other allowing the cares and lures of this world to pull them away from the word and not bear fruit, condemning them as well3.
  2. The Tares2 – There will be those in the Lord’s church (e.g. kingdom of God) that will be thrown into Hell due to their continued sin.
  3. The “true” vine3 – There are “branches” that are “in me” (in Jesus; in His body, the church) that will be taken away from not bearing fruit.
  4. The Prodigal Son4 – A son that had all the rights and inheritance of his father, chose to leave the house and lost all that he had and was “dead” and “lost”. Recognizing his state, he chose to return and was forgiven by his father and subsequently “alive” and “found”.
  5. Jesus’ warning to the church at Sardis5 – There were members/Christians at the church in Sardis that were “dead” and at risk of losing their place in the Lamb’s Book of Life!

All of these1,2,3,4,5 teach the opposite of a “once saved, always saved” doctrine. Jesus repeatedly taught that a Christian – someone having believed and obeyed1 / someone in His kingdom2 / someone in Him3 – could lose their salvation, and that ultimately will be judged according to his/her works.

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