Our top five images of the church are powerful! In fact, God very often communicates in His word through imagery and metaphors, and why wouldn’t He given their use “takes an abstract, hard to understand idea and compares it to a simple, concrete, well-understood idea” (“Why Metaphors are Important”, Psychology Today). God’s prophets were literally “seers” — God showed them the revelation they were to preach with beautiful imagery.  In fact, we have many images of the Messianic kingdom, Christ’s church, in their writings several hundreds of years before the first century.

These images of the church carry through to the New Testament and are quite pronounced. Our top five…

How Scripture answers "Top 5: Images of the church?"

The top five images of the church are that it’s a city1,2,5,13,14,17,19, bride2,3,4,7,9, temple6,8,10, flock11,12,13, and body15,16,187. Specifically, the teaching power of these images carried throughout scripture are listed below with the image of the church and the IMPLICATION for Christians:

  1. A city of God (dwells6,8,10 and protects5,10,11,14) in which Christians are CITIZENS1,3,19 if written in the “book of life”17.
  2. A bride of Christ2,4,7,9 to which Christians are to remain PURE4,6,7,9,10,17 and in SUBJECTION3,4,12,15,17.
  3. A temple for God’s dwelling where Christians are the STONES6,8,10/PRIESTS14.
  4. A flock of SHEEP led by Jesus11,12,13.
  5. A body where Christ is head15,16 and MEMBERS are baptized in16 and grow together as one8,16,18.

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