A major debate regarding homosexuality has traditionally revolved around the “nature vs. nurture” discussion. Whether or not someone may be born with a “gay gene” was popular in the early 2000’s (and never proven) or other genetically-induced tendencies is still unsettled science to say the least. Additionally, a debate could be waged about how the homosexual lifestyle might be more or less healthy for the individual. However, for our purposes, we will focus on specially how the Bible presents homosexuality.

How Scripture answers "Is a homosexual lifestyle sinful?"

Pursuing, or continuing in a homosexual lifestyle is sinful in God’s eyes1,2,3,4,5,6. It is a form of sexual immorality in general1,6,7 and therefore condemned in that sense2,6, but it is further condemned for being unnatural1,6,7 making it especially detestable to God1,4,5. Like any sin, the continued practice of it separates us from God2,4,5 and results in death1,3,6.  However, just like any sin, there is a remedy and forgiveness through Jesus Christ if we turn from it, repenting.

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