Holy SpiritMuch is said about activity of the Holy Spirit today. In fact, in some Christian religious groups the primary emphasis of their message is the Holy Spirit – it is the “lure” and attraction for converts in their faith.

Indeed, the combination ofpowerandmysterycan be intoxicating. On the one hand, who can resist the promise of power in a world where we can often feel beaten down physically and emotionally. And on the other, the mysterious nature of a spirit that moves without conscious awareness gives people nearly limitless interpretations of how, when and where they may be affected by it.

There’s no doubt there is great power accredited to the Holy Spirit in Scripture. We can see that with the instances of the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We can also see the power with the gifts of the Holy Spirit that were imparted to and by the apostles. In fact, in Scripture, we can see many different ways in which the Holy Spirit interacts with mankind in powerful ways throughout the Old and New Testaments.

But for this question, what does scripture explicitly tell us about what the Holy Spirit does for the Christian today?

How Scripture answers "What does the Holy Spirit do for the Christian today?"

The Holy Spirit is dwelling in the born again Christian5,7,8 and was given as a down payment and seal5,6,9 for their salvation5,9 and inheritance6 in heaven. Throughout a Christian’s walk, they are being renewed7 and helped in their prayers to God1 by the Holy Spirit.  This promise of His dwelling should be a source of comfort and rejoicing8. Finally, the Holy Spirit is testifying and bearing witness to the Christian through the Word of God2 — it is through God’s word that He speaks to us.

How specifically does the Holy Spirit do these things? We are not told. We only know that He does these things. We are also not told how or what it means when He is grieved due to our sin9, only that He is.

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