God’s physical blessing of health and wealth in this life is often coined as the “prosperity gospel.” This ‘health and wealth’ doctrine claims that God wants what’s best for you…in this life. Good health and wealth beyond your imagination! It sounds good and it’s certainly alive and well today representing the core teaching of some of the best known, so-called “pastors” today. Names such as Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, Pat Robertson, and Benny Hinn — all of whom make the “Top 10 List” of highest paid preachers.

How Scripture answers "Are health and wealth a sign of God’s blessing?"

Jesus actually taught the opposite of “health and wealth” in this life1,2,6. In fact, what Scripture teaches for the Christian in this life is tribulation/persecution2. We are warned of the real danger when one becomes “too comfortable” in this life2,4,6. The wisest man to live understood the folly in this thought, writing a thesis on the question3. Job assumed his plight was God’s providential judgment on his behavior5; he was told by God that he was wrong. The disciples too, based on their “astonishment” at Jesus’ response to the rich young ruler, apparently believed that riches were a sign of God’s blessing…and they were corrected by Jesus2.

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