Recognizing the difference of God’s time in relation to man’s time is a fundamental Bible concept. Its misunderstanding can cause problems in other, more advanced, areas of Bible study. For example, misunderstanding God’s time in relation to man’s can affect one’s subsequent doctrinal understanding of God’s foreknowledge or His Old Testament promises. It can also have a serious impact on a host of eschatological beliefs like Jesus’ supposed thousand-year reign or whether He’s already returned.

How Scripture answers "What is God’s time in relation to man’s?"

God’s time in relation to man’s time is so contrary that Scripture presents them in contradictory terms2,6,12. What might be a very, very long time to man (e.g. expressions like “feels like an eternity” or “this is never going to happen”) are to God “a little”1,7, “one day”2, “not far off”8, “speedily”5, “a brief moment”13, or a “mist”10. God’s time is so drastically different than man’s, that sometimes even the future events are expressed in the past tense3,13! Regardless of the “when”, we are always implored to “Look!”11 and act as if it’s “Today”9.

Understanding expressions of God’s time (as if that can even be said when speaking of eternity) in relation to man’s time are critical when studying end times topics, and especially when considering if Jesus has already returned. However, it should be noted that the writer’s point (e.g. God’s message to you) in these “time” passages1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 isn’t about the “when” but the “why” the Christian must endure and live by faith until what’s next!

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