The seal of God or ‘God’s seal’ is a term that comes up enough in Scripture to take note. In fact, based on much of the published material about God’s seal, there is too often only one instance that seems to be taken as the primary or default passage. Unfortunately, forming an opinion (or worse, an entire doctrine) around one passage is nothing more than Scripture weighting, a dangerous and irresponsible practice when souls are at stake.

There are many places in the Bible that talk about a “seal” in various, general senses. However, this question is about God’s seal specifically and seeks to examine the instances in Scripture that might relate to God claiming those that are His. While Revelation 7 is as good as any place to start, it’s not the only place in Scripture that speaks of God’s seal.

How Scripture answers "What does the Bible say about God’s seal?"

Given all of the Scriptural references to God’s seal1,2,3,4,5,6,7, we must interpret God’s seal as a figurative mark for/on God’s own7. We might say, “God’s stamp of approval.” Just as God’s seal was on His Son2, it is on all who believe in Him3,4. In other words, His redeemed1.

We see this basic idea represented in various ways throughout Scripture. During Old Testament times, we see the physical seal of circumcision6 identifying God’s own chosen people. In the New Testament, we can pinpoint the transition of that physical seal to one of a spiritual nature5. A mark by God that is made at the point of conversion3, when believers receive the promise/gift of the Holy Spirit3,4. John’s vision assures us that God’s seal is sure and immovable for all that remain faithful1.

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