One of the oft debated questions about the remnant of Israel described in God’s word is how many it will include. There are different ideas, but one of the most prominent beliefs about the number in God’s remnant comes from Revelation. That’s the first passage1 we will look at but there are others.

How Scripture answers "How many are in God’s remnant?"

God’s remnant isn’t a literal 144,0001 or 7,0003, nor is it a third2 or even a tenth4 of the whole. With all of these passages together and the accompanying New Testament writers’ applications2,3,4, we can know that all of these numeric representations of God’s remnant are figurative. They show us on one hand the sureness of God’s promise to redeem (seal) all that are His1,3 and, on the other, the relative few2,4 that will be sealed as Jesus taught when concluding His sermon on the mount (Matthew 7:13-14).

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