The Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues is often espoused in today’s evangelical world as a “stamp” of God’s approval on the individual. In some cases, as with Kenneth Copeland, the gift of tongues is their proof of anointing as a prophet of God. In other cases, it’s a testimony of being a true or approved child of God. In both instances, it’s used by modern Christianity to show some level of preference or favor from God.

How Scripture answers "What is the gift of tongues?"

The gift of tongues, as defined in Scripture, is a spiritual gift of the Holy Spirit7 that was given by the Spirit1,3 to apostles first2, and then by the laying on of their hands to others that had been baptized4. In practice, the gift of tongues was someone speaking the gospel message to an unbeliever that spoke a different language2,5. It was miraculous in that the speaker did not know the language they were speaking2 and would otherwise require an interpreter to understand it3,6.

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