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“Follow your heart” is a common refrain from those in the world. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say, “the heart wants what the heart wants?” Telling someone to “follow your heart” is usually meant to be aspirational and reassuring. The intent may be to give the individual confidence to do whatever it is they have a mind to do.

Pop singer Madonna released a song in 1998 called, “Sky Fits Heaven” that reached number forty-one on the Billboard Dance Club Chart. It includes this line in the chorus, “I think I’ll follow my heart, it’s a very good place to start.” And in a more recent post listing the ten reasons why you should follow your heart, a “tele-health counselor” lists as number one, When you follow your heart, you cease having regrets Sounds awesome! How does Scripture align with this statement?

How Scripture answers "Should you follow your heart?"

The heart should be the very last thing we trust1,4,5,8,10. It is where evil thoughts and deeds are spawned6,7. What’s worse, our heart/mind can deceive us1,4 into thinking we are doing right. This isn’t to say that man is inherently sinful or “totally depraved”. Rather, we must focus on God’s will and not our own2,5,9,10 and should be asking God for help3 and wisdom7 to understand His word9 better.

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