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  • Gospel of Hurry Up and Wait

The Hurry Up and Wait Gospel

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The gospel message is one of urgency and at the same time, patient waiting. How can that be? There is urgency for the message to go out, urgency for all to be reached, and urgency for the elect to remain faithful. Yet the redeemed are repeatedly told to "Wait". The gospel's tenant of perpetual urgency binds the otherwise irreconcilable concepts of man's time and God's eternity.

  • Reading the Bible

Reading the Bible

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Forget about the "one-percenters" because for believers, there's the unfortunate reality of too many "25%ers". Find out what enables the dark side of being a 25%er.

  • Bible Context

Can there be too much context in Bible study?

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The idea of "not enough" context is well established. Unfortunately, it is too often the case with far too many conclusions about Bible teaching. Having too little context in applying a passage is frequently an issue, but can too much context in Bible study also be an issue?

  • The Challenge of Atheism

The Challenge of Atheism

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Atheism is the core belief of secular humanism, a godless religion that is persistently tightening its grip on our land. I fear humanism is a stronger, more dangerous evil than we have imagined.