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This Old Testament kingdom timeline consists of five slides, when placed end to end, produce a continuous timeline from roughly 1,000 BC to 300 BC. It’s an excellent reference to have handy when reading through the time period of the divided kingdom (1&2 Samuel, 1&2 Kings, 1&2 Chronicles and many of the prophets).

The timeline begins the kingdom of Israel, established under its first king Saul around 1,000 BC. It continues down tracing each king through the subsequent division into North and South. Aligned to the right are the prominent surrounding kingdoms of that day with relevant Bible notations. It also includes prominent artifacts from archeology as well as the prophets of God and their approximate times of prophesying.

The editable slides are available in Keynote format. Or, we can export them to Powerpoint for you (but can’t promise how they will look). Let us know if you would like to receive the file. You can also right-click on each of the five images in order to download each image file.

Old Testament Kingdoms xReference1
Old Testament Kingdoms xReference2
Old Testament Kingdoms xReference3
Old Testament Kingdoms xReference4
Old Testament Kingdoms xReference5

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