Handling Bible Prophecy

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Handling Bible prophecy in today’s Christian environment is arguably the most abused, misused, and mis-applied aspect of Bible teaching today. On the one hand, “pastors” delve headlong into Revelation making wild assertions and applications with no further corroboration in Scripture. On the other, vast swaths of Christians or churches simply ignore it in their regularly study practices based on the assumption that it’s not relevant today or too difficult to understand.

Whether it’s the “minor” or “major” prophets of the Old Testament, Jesus’ own role and words as a “prophet of God”, or the widely misunderstood and misappropriated book of Revelation – this class is for you!

Handling Bible Prophecy

Handling Bible Prophecy excerpt

Excerpt of slides from the class

Any class on Bible prophecy is one of either two approaches. It’s probably most often a study of a particular book of prophecy. There’s nothing wrong with this, but among other things, this approach leaves out the broader context of God’s uniform message throughout any prophetic text in the Bible.

The other approach is a topical study, such as an eschatological – or “end times” – study. This approach to a study on or about Bible prophecy is actually quite dangerous since it often pre-supposes a particular doctrinal position or conclusion. This type of ‘scripture weighting’ is all too common and wholly unauthorized in Scripture.

This class takes a ‘101’ approach to provide the student with the proper orientation to Bible prophecy as a distinct type of God’s word. The objective is to provide a proper foundation for the Bible student before moving to the other ‘201’ or ‘graduate level’ studies. The class outline is as follows:

  • Prophecy 101 – Introduction
  • Prophets – Their Role
  • Bible Rules for Judging Prophets (and their Prophecy)
  • Prophecy DNA
    • A Sermon Outline
    • Prophetic Trigger Words
    • Figurative Language
  • Interpreting Prophecy
    • Inspired Interpretation
    • Human Interpretation
  • Case Studies
  • Lessons from Prophecy

If you’re interested in these slides and any associated notes, please get in touch and we will provide them free of charge.

About the Author: D Brackett

I have lived most of my life as a Christian but admittedly not a serious Bible student until mid-life. I don't hold any theological degrees nor is my profession related to the church or ministry. However, Scripture tells me that God has given us His Word for any layman like myself to understand.

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