Filled with the Holy Spirit Bible Class


A Holy Spirit Bible class. If all of the promises of the Father find their “Yes” in the Son, then the intersection or agent through which all of those promises are possible is the Holy Spirit.

Filled with the Holy Spirit Bible Class2023-09-07T17:21:27-04:00

Preterist Preacher Holger Neubauer and the AD70 Doctrine


Holger Neubauer is a self-proclaimed "Church of Christ Preacher" who aggressively promotes the AD70 doctrine. The tactics used to garner support typically follow a 3-step strategy - what we call the 'Preterist's Playbook'.

Preterist Preacher Holger Neubauer and the AD70 Doctrine2023-09-06T16:49:10-04:00

The Hurry Up and Wait Gospel


The gospel message is one of urgency and at the same time, patient waiting. How can that be? There is urgency for the message to go out, urgency for all to be reached, and urgency for the elect to remain faithful. Yet the redeemed are repeatedly told to "Wait". The gospel's tenant of perpetual urgency binds the otherwise irreconcilable concepts of man's time and God's eternity.

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Reading the Bible


Forget about the "one-percenters" because for believers, there's the unfortunate reality of too many "25%ers". Find out what enables the dark side of being a 25%er.

Reading the Bible2022-12-27T11:36:30-05:00

Can there be too much context in Bible study?


The idea of "not enough" context is well established. Unfortunately, it is too often the case with far too many conclusions about Bible teaching. Having too little context in applying a passage is frequently an issue, but can too much context in Bible study also be an issue?

Can there be too much context in Bible study?2024-01-09T14:07:44-05:00

Handling Bible Prophecy


A 101-level, foundational class for handling Bible prophecy that's suited for any Christian or Bible student.

Handling Bible Prophecy2022-10-30T14:17:39-04:00

The Challenge of Atheism


Atheism is the core belief of secular humanism, a godless religion that is persistently tightening its grip on our land. I fear humanism is a stronger, more dangerous evil than we have imagined.

The Challenge of Atheism2023-11-20T08:28:18-05:00

Book of James Outline


This outline of the book of James is of the text, both words and sequence, as given in the NKJ version of the Bible. Those headings in all caps have been added to the text. Reading this outline without reading the all cap headings is like reading straight from the NKJ version.

Book of James Outline2022-10-29T15:17:49-04:00

Better Understanding the Holy Spirit


Ghosts are mysterious to us by nature. Maybe that's why the Holy Spirit (e.g. Holy Ghost) is an especially difficult Bible topic. To be sure, it's the least documented member of the Trinity, but we can learn some things by following a few "threads" in Scripture.

Better Understanding the Holy Spirit2024-01-09T14:06:38-05:00

Great Faith – Abraham Offering Isaac


God asked Abraham to offer his only son Isaac. That really happened. Abraham and Isaac were real people in history. Understanding the emotions that must have, quite literally, consumed this family during this event can provide real insight into what true faith looks like for the Christian today.

Great Faith – Abraham Offering Isaac2022-11-29T08:32:16-05:00

Prophetic Pillars


Chapters from each of the major prophets that set an undeniable foundation and direction for interpreting Biblical prophecy.

Prophetic Pillars2022-11-12T12:17:42-05:00

Old Testament Kingdom xReference


This Old Testament kingdom timeline consists of five slides, when placed end to end, produce a continuous timeline from roughly 1,000 BC to 300 BC.

Old Testament Kingdom xReference2021-06-08T13:59:44-04:00

Annual Bible Reading


Starting an annual bible reading is a great New Years' Resolution! There are lots of ways to go about it, but the important thing is to get started and commit to it. Here we offer some encouragement and tips that have worked for us in the past.

Annual Bible Reading2023-11-20T08:31:33-05:00

Surveying the Old Testament


The Christian should know beyond all doubt that they serve a God that is unchanging. Understanding this concept is fundamental for justifying Old Testament study as well as any New Testament doctrine. But the inverse is also true: Misunderstanding or rejecting the Old Testament removes the very foundation of the Christian’s faith, opening them up to being “carried about by every wind of doctrine.” (Eph 4:14)

Surveying the Old Testament2023-11-20T08:25:12-05:00
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