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Can there be too much context in Bible study?


The idea of "not enough" context is well established. Unfortunately, it is too often the case with far too many conclusions about Bible teaching. Having too little context in applying a passage is frequently an issue, but can too much context in Bible study also be an issue?

Can there be too much context in Bible study?2022-07-10T17:19:04-04:00

The Challenge of Atheism


Atheism is the core belief of secular humanism, a godless religion that is persistently tightening its grip on our land. I fear humanism is a stronger, more dangerous evil than we have imagined.

The Challenge of Atheism2021-07-12T12:26:13-04:00

Book of James Outline


This outline of the book of James is of the text, both words and sequence, as given in the NKJ version of the Bible. Those headings in all caps have been added to the text. Reading this outline without reading the all cap headings is like reading straight from the NKJ version.

Book of James Outline2021-06-30T15:58:12-04:00

Better Understanding the Holy Spirit


Ghosts are mysterious to us by nature. Maybe that's why the Holy Spirit (e.g. Holy Ghost) is an especially difficult Bible topic. To be sure, it's the least documented member of the Trinity, but we can learn some things by following a few "threads" in Scripture.

Better Understanding the Holy Spirit2022-05-12T20:00:02-04:00

Great Faith – Abraham Offering Isaac


God asked Abraham to offer his only son Isaac. That really happened. Abraham and Isaac were real people in history. Understanding the emotions that must have, quite literally, consumed this family during this event can provide real insight into what true faith looks like for the Christian today.

Great Faith – Abraham Offering Isaac2021-06-08T13:55:33-04:00

Prophetic Pillars


Chapters from each of the major prophets that set an undeniable foundation and direction for interpreting Biblical prophecy.

Prophetic Pillars2021-09-10T18:38:53-04:00

Old Testament Kingdom xReference


This Old Testament kingdom timeline consists of five slides, when placed end to end, produce a continuous timeline from roughly 1,000 BC to 300 BC.

Old Testament Kingdom xReference2021-06-08T13:59:44-04:00

Annual Bible Reading


Starting an annual bible reading is a great New Years' Resolution! There are lots of ways to go about it, but the important thing is to get started and commit to it. Here we offer some encouragement and tips that have worked for us in the past.

Annual Bible Reading2021-06-08T13:57:40-04:00

Surveying the Old Testament


This guide is designed to be taught over a thirteen-week quarter. While one might neatly cover each of the thirteen lessons over each week with two classes each week, one suggestion might be to abbreviate the first lesson (“Introduction”) and abbreviate or skip all together lessons nine (“Great Poetry and Wisdom”) and thirteen (“Review”). The poetry and wisdom books could be a class to themselves and don’t contribute to the chronological, historical focus of this study while the review can (and probably should) be handled in small increments in each class. This effectively gives ten lessons covering twelve weeks which is challenging enough! Please contact the author if you would like other supplementary materials such as charts, Keynote presentation (which can be converted to PowerPoint), etc.

Surveying the Old Testament2021-06-30T15:59:51-04:00
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