Double edged sword

Roman Gladius

The Roman soldier’s gladius was a double edged sword used for stabbing and slashing. It was highly effective in its day. The ‘double edged sword’ is also a metaphor used to describe God’s word and used several times in Scripture. Some references are explicit, others are implied, but all together they show something about God’s word that’s poignant.

How Scripture answers "How is the word of God a double edged sword?"

God’s word is just like a double edged sword1,2,3,13 in that it convicts the believer while at the same time condemning the unbeliever2,5,6,7,10,11,12. It penetrates the soul4,8,11 and is the only means by which God’s will is known6. The word of God, or “sword of the Spirit”1, subsequently becomes the Christian’s sole offensive, proactive weapon for confronting sin and evil1,3,4.

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