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Do miracles still happen today?


“It’s a miracle!” That’s an exclamation we hear often and have probably uttered ourselves. It might be used to describe passing a test you didn’t study for or to sum up a great, come-from-behind victory. For example, the great Olympic victory by the U.S. Men’s Hockey team is known [more]

Do miracles still happen today?2022-04-21T07:30:57-04:00

Can we lose our salvation?


It is such an important question. Can we lose our salvation? Or said another way: Can God’s grace be rejected? Can someone actually squander, neglect, or even return, as it were, their free gift from God?

There is a prevailing thought about this question among the Christian community. For example, [more]

Can we lose our salvation?2022-06-20T11:07:57-04:00

Is the Bible the complete revelation of God?


Whether or not the Bible is the complete revelation of God has profound implications on Christianity today. If the Bible isn’t the complete revelation of God, then the door remains open to “other” revelation.

“Other” could be other scriptural authority such as the Quran or the Book of Mormon. [more]

Is the Bible the complete revelation of God?2022-04-21T07:18:26-04:00

Can the righteous influence unrighteous leaders?


At the intersection of religion and politics is influence. Specifically, can the righteous influence unrighteous leaders? Of course, there are all kinds of religious interest groups attempting to influence policy one way or the other. But what about individual influence?

At the time of this posting, the United States is [more]

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What is Christ’s church called?


Christ’s church goes by many, many different names in this day and time. The signs in front of Christian churches testify to the countless denominations that exist as well as thousands of independent or non-denominational groups. Christ’s church may indeed be hard to identify with a sign.


What is Christ’s church called?2022-05-30T19:15:25-04:00

Does God work through unrighteous political leaders?


Nero of Rome
Unrighteous political leaders can hold sway on many things that Christians must endure. It could be policy decisions, wars that are fought or just general injustice and corruption. The unrighteous political leaders’ decisions can have a profound [more]

Does God work through unrighteous political leaders?2022-04-20T18:09:05-04:00

What does worship to God look like?


How worship to God happens and what it actually looks like varies around the world. In fact, others’ offering of worship to God in your own community may look completely different from how you worship.

Of course, there are differences in how people dress and things they might recite, [more]

What does worship to God look like?2022-04-24T16:12:35-04:00

Who do we worship when gathered together?


It may seem like an odd or obvious question, but it’s definitely worth asking. Christian’s should be mindful of who we worship when coming together. More and more evidence in the Evangelical and Christian world today would suggest the question of who we worship is either forgotten or [more]

Who do we worship when gathered together?2022-04-20T11:31:14-04:00

Does it matter when we worship together?


Are Christians supposed to gather on a specific day when we worship collectively?

Justin Martyr was born in 100 and was a second-century apologist. Through his writings and the centuries of Christian practice, tradition certainly has been established for that day to be Sunday, the [more]

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What is Scripture weighting?


Scripture weighting is not a term you will find in Scripture. However, it’s a practice you may recognize when coming to conclusions about Scripture. Fundamentally, it’s the practice of ignoring Scripture. That might sound egregious — but it’s fairly rampant in the world of Bible study and theology.

A [more]

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Do we pray to Jesus or God?


Do you pray to Jesus or God? Have you ever thought about the mechanics of your prayers? Maybe you’ve never thought about it or think it doesn’t really matter. To be sure, many Christians today pray to Jesus…and God the Father…and even to the Holy Spirit. This same question [more]

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What does the Holy Spirit do for the Christian today?


Holy SpiritMuch is said about activity of the Holy Spirit today. In fact, in some Christian religious groups the primary emphasis of their message is the Holy Spirit – it is the “lure” and attraction for converts in their faith.

Indeed, [more]

What does the Holy Spirit do for the Christian today?2022-04-20T11:20:25-04:00

Does it matter where we worship God?


Where we worship God has often been debated through the years. Some hold to the idea that worship must occur in a cathedral — an often ornate structure dedicated to the worship of God. Others don’t take much stock in the structure at all, whether an official worship [more]

Does it matter where we worship God?2022-04-20T11:14:24-04:00

What distinguishes a prophet of God?


The Journal of Joseph [Smith] The Journal of Joseph [Smith]
It seems that there have always been “prophets” of one sort or another. In another question we look at what Scripture has [more]

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Why did Jesus teach in parables?


A parable as defined by Dictionary.com is “a short allegorical story designed to illustrate or teach some truth, religious principle, or moral lesson” or “a statement or comment that conveys a meaning indirectly by the use of comparison, analogy, or the like.”

If we were [more]

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What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?


Being baptized with the Holy Spirit (aka Holy Spirit baptism) is a remarkably hot topic – often disputed among Christians today. And yet, there is little direct Scriptural reference to the explicit act of being “baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

In fact, there is much the Bible leaves to [more]

What does it mean to be baptized with the Holy Spirit?2022-04-21T20:30:50-04:00

What saves you?


If the message of God’s word is mankind’s redemption and salvation, shouldn’t it include information about what saves you? This is a really BIG question with an eternally-weighted answer. Unfortunately, we can find lots of different answers out there among different church leaders and religious “experts”.

When it comes [more]

What saves you?2022-04-20T07:29:50-04:00

How were false prophets identified?


The children of Israel were surrounded by prophets that claimed to be speaking for God but they were actually false prophets. In fact, by most accounts in the Old Testament, most “prophets” were false prophets and there were two kinds. First, there were prophets associated with other gods. [more]

How were false prophets identified?2022-04-20T07:25:57-04:00

Is there a specific age of accountability?


Does the Bible have anything to say about an individual’s age of accountability to God? Does a person reach a point in their lifetime when they are responsible for their sin and require reconciliation to God?

Some might say, “No.” In fact, this answer was given to a similar question [more]

Is there a specific age of accountability?2022-05-01T16:28:35-04:00

What is the purpose of baptism?


We’ve looked in another question about what baptism is, but what is the purpose of baptism? There are many in the religious world today that would say, “it’s an outward showing of an inward commitment.” In fact, an almost identical statement is made by [more]

What is the purpose of baptism?2022-04-20T06:47:22-04:00

Is the Bible the word of God?


The word Bible is from the Greek and Latin meaning “book” or “books”. The Christian Bible as we know it is made up of two Testaments or Covenants (Old and New) that together might also be referred to as the Holy Writ, Holy Scriptures or Word of God.

It [more]

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Is original sin taught in the Bible?


The doctrine of original sin is typically credited to Augustine of Hippo (334-430), but he credits Irenaeus of Lyon, Bishop of Lyon (130-202). It’s a belief widely held between both Catholic and Protestant Christian religions. While the doctrine of original sin has taken many shapes over the centuries, [more]

Is original sin taught in the Bible?2022-04-24T18:18:26-04:00

Should you follow your heart?


“Follow your heart” is a common refrain from those in the world. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say, “the heart wants what the heart wants?” These statements are usually meant to be aspirational and reassuring, giving the individual confidence to do whatever it is they have a mind [more]

Should you follow your heart?2022-04-20T06:21:35-04:00

Does God’s character change?


Has the God of the universe changed over time? Is God’s character subject to “evolving” the same way that you and I would develop over time? God’s character not changing is sometimes described as the immutability of God (defined by Dictionary.com as “not [more]

Does God’s character change?2022-04-20T06:19:43-04:00

What is water baptism?


Water baptism has something to do with water, right? Some believe water baptism is just getting wet (“sprinkling”) while other Christians insist one isn’t baptized unless the individual is completely submerged in water. In fact, Dictionary.com defines it as, “a ceremonial immersion in water, [more]

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How is the sinner’s prayer used in scripture?


The sinner’s prayer is something frequently referred to by preachers today. In fact, at the close of every sermon, Joel Osteen asks those that are not saved to pray with him. The prayer is asking Jesus to “come into their lives.” He might also ask them to raise [more]

How is the sinner’s prayer used in scripture?2022-06-25T07:21:23-04:00

Should we be judging others?


Judge not, that you be not judged.1 Right out of Jesus’ sermon on the mount and one of the most quoted phrases from scripture. It speaks to the issue of judging others. Jesus’ statement in John is [more]

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Are Jesus’ words (Red Letter Bible) more important than other Scripture?


You’ve probably seen the red-letter Bible — in fact, you probably own one. These Bibles place all of Jesus’ words in prominent red letters in order to stand out from all the other recorded words in Scripture. This is obviously a man-made introduction to Scripture, along with the [more]

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Is baptism required for salvation?


The act of baptism is well recorded in Scripture. Not only was it a tradition among the Hebrew people for centuries, but it is what at least one Bible character was know by (John the Baptist) and it was something that Jesus the Messiah did himself. (Matthew 3:13-17 [more]

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What is a false teacher?


False teacher. It can seem like a harsh term, but the Bible talks a lot about false teachers. In fact, it may be interesting to measure the 21st century Christian’s “shock-meter” against how the Bible describes a false teacher. Terms such as “irrational animals,” “dangerous reefs,” and “condemned to [more]

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