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Who will come before God in judgment?


Many today live as though they will never come before God in judgment. But Jesus said, “Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” (Matthew 24:44) In the same context, he divulges that “concerning that day and [more]

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Will we be judged according to works?


The idea that we will be judged according to works is a remarkably contentious one. It would seem that the thought of being “judged according to works” requires that God’s grace must be denied. In other words, to say that we are judged according to works is to say [more]

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Why did Jesus perform miracles?


With the popularity of the “social gospel” that exists today, it’s often assumed that Jesus performed miracles purely as an act of compassion. Indeed, Matthew records at the feeding of the five thousand that Jesus “had compassion on them and healed their sick” (Matthew 14:14). Of [more]

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Does your belief determine your behavior?


Pastor Robert Morris says that your belief determines your behavior. From a sermon recorded in 2018:

“Your belief determines your behavior. So there are people that say they believe in Jesus, but they’ve never lived for him. Please hear me. I don’t think [they] really believe. I [more]

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Is socialism in the Bible?


Socialism is a political system that has ebbed and flowed in geopolitics since the late 1800’s. Its various forms range from labor class organizations to Marxism to Fascism to full-on Communism. Leaders of socialism or the regimes themselves are recognized as anti-religion and are often criminally or even violently [more]

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Where is Jesus today?


Where Jesus is today is a simple enough question.  However, level-setting on the answer can be foundational in understanding other aspects of the Godhead.  It can also be the first step in understanding other characteristics and responsibilities for the Son of God. Jesus is in heaven, seated [more]

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Is there an inward call of God?


The inward call versus the outward call. Many today distinguish these as two different types of Godly or heavenly ‘callings’. Dividing the spiritual callings found in scripture between an ‘inward call’ and an ‘outward call’ is perpetuated at least in part by teachings credited to John Calvin.


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For whom did Christ die?


What Christian’s believe and how they have come to understand what the Bible teaches isn’t always shaped purely by Scripture. The Ancient Greek influence of Gnosticism has had a profound and enduring effect on Christian thought. Indeed, that may be the case in needing to [more]

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Is God’s grace irresistible?


God’s irresistible grace, also referred to as the ‘effectual call’ in the Westminster Confession of Faith, is probably better known as “irresistible grace”. It represents the “I” in “TULIP” – a broader collection of doctrines ascribed to John Calvin (even though he existed long before [more]

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What do you need for understanding the Bible?


Understanding the Bible can be difficult. For many centuries, the Catholic Church taught that the Bible could only be understood by an ordained priest. In modern times, people like N.T. Wright and other well-credentialed theologians are often held up as having profound (even special or [more]

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What is Christian fellowship?


The idea of Christian fellowship may seem obvious. After all, the word “fellowship” is commonly understood. Merriam defines it as “companionship” or “community of interest, activity, feeling, or experience.” So Christian fellowship is simply a group of Christians getting together, right?

The Bible never speaks of “Christian [more]

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Are Christians under the Ten Commandments today?


The Ten Commandments are recorded in Exodus 20. They were given to Moses by God and written on tablets of stone. According to IMDb, the classic 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments” (staring Charlton Heston) is the seventh highest grossing film of all time!

The Ten Commandments [more]

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What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?


Jesus teaches that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a sin that is unforgivable. The “unforgivable” aspect to this can be alarming and troubling. Undoubtedly, there’s no Christian that would want to be guilty of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit!

Matthew 12:31: Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy [more]

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Was the land promise fulfilled in 1948?


God’s land promise was originally made to Abraham in roughly 2,000BC. The Bible first tells of the land promise in Genesis 12:1-3 and it is repeated several more times to Abraham and descendants Isaac and Jacob (aka Israel). As a result, the “Promised Land” became the great quest [more]

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Will King David return to reign again?


A literal return of King David is a tenant of much of the modern religious thought today. Purveyors of premillennial doctrine, such as David Jeremiah, teach that King David will return in the flesh to rule alongside Jesus during the thousand year reign on earth.

The prophets have [more]

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How is the word of God a double-edged sword?


The Roman soldier’s gladius was a double-edged sword used for stabbing and slashing. It was highly effective in its day. The metaphor describing God’s word as a double-edged sword is made several times in Scripture. Some references are explicit, others implied, but all together they [more]

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Will Elijah return?


Central to this question of will Elijah return is a prophecy given by Malachi. Elijah was a prophet that lived during the final days of the judges, just before the first King Saul was installed over the twelve tribes of Israel. He lived roughly seven hundred years before Malachi, [more]

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Was helping the needy why Jesus came to earth?


Helping the needy was a central activity of Jesus during His short public ministry. Whether He was healing the sick, feeding the poor, even raising the dead, we see Jesus helping the needy in various ways. In fact, his reputation for helping the needy spread, and great crowds would [more]

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What does it mean to fear God?


Fear is a strong emotion with a fairly negative connotation. It’s generally not a good thing. Psychology Today gives advice about how to overcome fear. Therefore, “fear God” could leave the secular thinker with a negative definition of a basic Scriptural tenant. And how can [more]

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Did Priscilla teach Apollos?


The question about Priscilla teaching Apollos seems to get raised when dealing with women’s roles in the church. As more and more Christians are influenced by social and cultural trends, the idea that women are subjugated or limited in their ministry is not a popular idea.

An instance in Scripture [more]

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How many are in God’s remnant?


One of the oft debated questions about the remnant of Israel described in God’s word is how many it will include. There are different ideas, but one of the most prominent beliefs about the number in God’s remnant comes from Revelation. That’s the first passage1 [more]

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What is the nature of the kingdom of God?


Understanding the kingdom of God and its characteristics is fundamental to understanding much of God’s revealed word. How and what one understands the kingdom of God to be will impact their understanding of such monumental events as Jesus coming to earth, His promised return, and the final judgment!

First published [more]

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What are the qualifications for church elder?


The office of elder in the first century church was an important one. As such, Scripture includes specific qualifications for a church elder. To be clear, we should note that Scripture uses several words to refer to “elder” including bishop, overseer, elder, presbyter, shepherd, and pastor. These are all [more]

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Can we interpret Bible prophecy?


How we interpret Bible prophecy presents a unique challenge, at least to the extent that the question should be asked…Is Bible prophecy even something we can interpret?

interpret (verb): 1-to explain or tell the meaning of : present in understandable terms. 2-to conceive in the light of individual [more]

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Who is the Antichrist?


So much is made today about the Antichrist (capital “A”). A search on YouTube for prognosticators about the person of the Antichrist – his appearing, his personality, his birthplace, etc. etc. – will garner videos with hundreds of thousands, even millions of views. We’ve linked [more]

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When are the last days?


The last days is a common phrase in Scripture, especially with the prophets of the Old Testament. They often speak of the last days and other derivative phrases such as days are coming or latter days or in/on that day. The Hebrew words for “last/latter” and “days” can [more]

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Did Jude quote from the book of Enoch?


Some maintain that Jude quotes from the apocryphal book of Enoch. Often, this is put forward as a statement of fact in order to move forward to the much “larger” discussions regarding the meaning of extra-Biblical quotes, their place in Scripture, and the question of their inspiration.

The book of [more]

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Will Jesus return…to earth?


Jesus will return to earth…this is the unchallenged position of many Christians today. It’s part of and foundational to a much broader belief around Jesus’ second coming – also known as end times doctrine or eschatology. In addition to Jesus’ return to earth, other [more]

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Will there be a literal one-thousand-year reign?


A literal one-thousand-year reign of Jesus on His throne. There are many that believe Jesus’ return is for just that – a literal one-thousand-year reign (millennium) on earth. It is widely taught and even passed down as “church doctrine.” It is a teaching that comes from primarily one [more]

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What was Jesus’ mission on earth?


Jesus’ mission is something that can be confused with His actions. What Jesus came to this world to do (Jesus’ mission) and what he did (Jesus’ activities) are not necessarily the same thing. For example, one of the things He did was feed the hungry. But was that [more]

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