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Can we answer every Bible question?


Answer every Bible questionThis site is dedicated to answering Bible questions, but can we really answer every Bible question? This is potentially an important baseline or boundary for our faith. For example, if something is unanswerable, does that mean it [more]

Can we answer every Bible question?2022-05-06T09:22:27-04:00

Was Saul saved on the road to Damascus?


There is a common belief among Christian’s today that Saul was saved on the road to Damascus. The conversion account of Saul, later known as Paul the apostle, is well documented in Scripture. In fact, there are three accounts of his conversion that are candidates to consider if Saul [more]

Was Saul saved on the road to Damascus?2022-06-10T16:23:16-04:00

Where do we see the personality of the Godhead?


The concept of a Godhead is a Biblical one. In fact, the word “Godhead” appears a few times in Scripture (in the KJV) including Acts 17:29, Romans 1:20, and Colossians 2:9. Sometimes referred to as the Trinity, the personality of the Godhead represents the three [more]

Where do we see the personality of the Godhead?2022-04-20T05:47:16-04:00

What happens after death?


Is our existence on this earth all there is? Many today live as if what happens after death is inconsequential. Popular phrases such as, ‘Success at all costs’ or ‘Live life to the fullest’ capture that attitude. And then there is the downside to thinking about our own mortality. [more]

What happens after death?2022-05-21T13:04:08-04:00

Is a homosexual lifestyle sinful?


A major debate regarding homosexuality has traditionally revolved around the “nature vs. nurture” discussion. Whether or not someone may be born with a “gay gene” was popular in the early 2000’s (and never proven) or other genetically-induced tendencies is still unsettled science to say the [more]

Is a homosexual lifestyle sinful?2022-06-19T18:40:34-04:00

What is Biblical marriage?


Many of the cultural norms regarding marriage are under assault today. As a result, it’s important to reflect on how Biblical marriage is defined and described. United States marriage trends published from Pew Research (February, 2019) found that individuals are staying single longer (median ages [more]

What is Biblical marriage?2022-04-21T20:25:09-04:00

Does the Bible condone slavery?


Slavery is a very negative and racially charged word in today’s culture. The idea that anyone would condone slavery, or even tolerate its practice, is almost appalling on its face. This context may be alarming for someone that knows little about the Bible, yet hearing of its very mention [more]

Does the Bible condone slavery?2022-05-08T14:03:54-04:00

Are there things God cannot do?


The sovereignty of God is a fundamental tenant of Christianity. Merriam-Webster defines sovereignty as “supreme power especially over a body politic, freedom from external control, autonomy, controlling influence”. Within this concept, we might think of the ultimate authority of God’s word, His omniscience, and His omnipotence.

The [more]

Are there things God cannot do?2022-04-07T09:09:38-04:00

What was the time of Christ?


Scripture doesn’t comment about the time of Christ in typical human terms.  The exact dates of his birth or death are not mentioned. But that’s not to say that Scripture is silent about the time of Christ. In fact, the Bible has a lot to say about the time [more]

What was the time of Christ?2022-04-07T09:11:29-04:00

What is a Christian’s joy?


Joy is a readily understood word, so a Christian’s joy may seem to be self-evident. As a word, “joy” means pretty much the same in the English as it does in the Greek – the language in which the New Testament was originally written.

Webster defines the [more]

What is a Christian’s joy?2022-04-21T20:25:22-04:00

Did Jesus accomplish all that He came to do?


There is a belief among some that Jesus did not accomplish all that He came to earth to do. On the surface, the suggestion that God could fail and that Jesus did not accomplish His mission seems absurd.  Yet, this seems to come primarily from some premillennial thought and [more]

Did Jesus accomplish all that He came to do?2022-04-07T09:13:22-04:00

What is the remedy for sin?


Sin is an unfortunate reality in this world. The remedy for sin and evil in this world has been pursued and framed by many different movements. Recently, the “New Age” philosophy has centered around man’s own ability to do better or be better.

This “look inward” approach to the [more]

What is the remedy for sin?2022-04-07T09:16:27-04:00

What is the result of sin?


The word “sin” in our New Testaments is translated from the Greek word “hammeria” which literally means to “miss the mark.” After understanding what sin is and what it looks like in Scripture, the more critical question about the result of sin comes [more]

What is the result of sin?2022-04-07T09:27:09-04:00

How do we know God?


The pursuit to know God has been mankinds mission for millennia. The reality of man’s pursuit to know God is something the Bible speaks about and is evidence that God exists. The wise writer of Ecclesiastes even made that point9. More broadly this pursuit has been to know about [more]

How do we know God?2022-04-07T09:30:32-04:00

Is it possible to hide from God?


There are many things that might cause us to want to hide from God.  We might be ashamed of some sin or transgression.  Or, we might effectively hide from God due to pride and an unwillingness to acknowledge His authority and sovereignty. It is not possible to [more]

Is it possible to hide from God?2021-12-21T16:57:11-05:00

Do Apostles exist today?


There are many in the religious world today that claim to be an apostle. More than simply “a messenger” (Greek meaning of the word “apostle”), a title of “Apostle” is given or assumed by individuals wishing to mimick the authority and power given to the original twelve. For example, [more]

Do Apostles exist today?2022-04-07T09:32:00-04:00

What is sin?


Sin is an ugly word that has its root and meaning in Scripture. Webster attests to the severity of this word in human terms. In the New Testament, the Greek word that’s translated as sin is “hammeria” which literally means [more]

What is sin?2022-05-15T18:29:11-04:00

Who are the priests of God?


Priests of God are most often associated with the Catholic religion. That tradition has specific qualifications to become a priest. “Catholic men who have been baptized, have undertaken their confirmation, and are practicing members of their local Parish for at least 2 straight years, can be [more]

Who are the priests of God?2022-04-07T09:39:23-04:00

What is the effect of God’s word?


Recently, a public post on Facebook used Paul’s statements in 1 Timothy 6:4-51 to teach a “difficult truth” about the effect of God’s word. In the passage1, Paul makes a simple deductive argument (if A, then B) where “A” is false teaching and “B” is [more]

What is the effect of God’s word?2022-06-19T13:44:23-04:00

Is baptism for the forgiveness of sins?


Baptism for the forgiveness of sins” is a statement Peter makes in his sermon on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:38 ). The preposition “for” comes from the Greek word “eis” which is defined by Strong’s to mean, “to or [more]

Is baptism for the forgiveness of sins?2022-04-08T08:39:50-04:00

Who are the messengers of God?


God has relied on messengers throughout history, but tracking the messengers of God through Scripture reveals some interesting things about God’s character and His word. It also has implications for those that make claims about their own supposed “anointing” by God to speak His words [more]

Who are the messengers of God?2022-04-21T20:26:38-04:00

What are the qualifications for a preacher?


Qualifications for a Preacher Screenshot from GetOrdained.org
All kinds of qualifications for a preacher (or, in today’s vernacular an “evangelist”, “minister”, or “pastor”) exist today. Special schools for preaching God’s word are abundant.

“Ordination” is [more]

What are the qualifications for a preacher?2022-04-09T15:19:48-04:00

When is the Tribulation on earth?


Events in the world today have many asking, “Are we entering the tribulation?”  Do events in the world around us suggest that the tribulation is beginning or about to begin? For the Christian, the “tribulation” is ongoing.  New Testament writers consistently spoke about a “then present” tribulation [more]

When is the Tribulation on earth?2022-05-22T18:12:24-04:00

Does man have free will?


Free will: “Whether free will exists, what it is and the implications of whether it exists or not are some of the longest-running debates of philosophy and religion.” This is well-stated from Wikipedia. A search on “free will” brings all kinds of philosophical debates, opinions [more]

Does man have free will?2022-05-15T13:46:26-04:00

Is a preacher a pastor?


In today’s religious vernacular, a preacher is a pastor.  In fact, the word pastor is used almost exclusively as a title in religious organizations.  Most dictionaries would list synonyms for “preacher” to be “pastor” or “minister”.  Effectively, in the religious world today, “Preacher”, or preaching, has been relegated to [more]

Is a preacher a pastor?2022-04-21T20:26:50-04:00

Did Jesus bring peace on earth?


Inspired by the Omagh bombing in Northern Ireland in 1998, U2 wrote a song called “Peace on Earth”. The song challenged the very premise of its title. In the bombing’s aftermath, Bono, the Irish-native and lead singer confessed, “the whole ‘peace on earth, goodwill to all [more]

Did Jesus bring peace on earth?2022-04-09T15:26:44-04:00

Top 5: Dual fulfillment in prophecy?


Dual fulfillment in prophecy is something that Wikipedia defines as a, “mainly Christian idea that some prophecies in the Bible have both a short-term and long-term fulfillment.” That’s an adequate definition, but requires one important qualification. It’s long-term fulfillment is only evident [more]

Top 5: Dual fulfillment in prophecy?2022-05-21T13:04:56-04:00

What was God’s plan for a savior?


God’s plan for a savior is fundamental to His plan of salvation. Messiah, or “lit. ’the anointed one,’ is a saviour or liberator of a group of people”. We can read about the life of this Messiah, Jesus Christ, in the four Gospels. However, looking at [more]

What was God’s plan for a savior?2022-04-09T15:31:10-04:00

Where is the dwelling of God?


A basic understanding of the dwelling of God the Father is an important, fundamental concept to get right. Other religions and beliefs have taught the dwelling of God to be all sorts of places. This includes aspects of the New Age movement and worldviews that [more]

Where is the dwelling of God?2022-04-09T16:44:46-04:00

What was the purpose for miracles?


Before we attempt to understand the purpose for miracles, we should probably be clear about what a miracle actually is…at least according to Scripture.  A good definition for Bible miracles would be, “an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.” This is actually the first [more]

What was the purpose for miracles?2022-04-23T20:01:21-04:00

When was Jesus’ kingdom established?


The idea of Jesus’ kingdom comes from Jesus Himself, but was Jesus’ kingdom established when He walked on earth in the first century? The question of “When?” regarding Jesus’ kingdom is debated.  Some even say that Jesus came to establish His kingdom but he failed. What will Scripture tell [more]

When was Jesus’ kingdom established?2022-06-22T07:48:14-04:00

Was God fully human?


The concept that God was fully human is a difficult one for mere mortals to grasp. Even the phrase “God incarnate” does not give the full impact. According to Dictionary.com the word incarnate means “embodied in flesh; given a bodily, especially a human, form”. The [more]

Was God fully human?2022-05-01T16:31:55-04:00

Will Jesus reign 1000 years?


Many believe that Jesus will reign 1000 years when He returns (the doctrine of “millennialism”). In fact, the Bible says that, “they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him [Jesus] for a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:6)

However, it’s just one [more]

Will Jesus reign 1000 years?2022-04-23T19:28:10-04:00
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