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What is the first resurrection (Revelation 20:5)?


The first resurrection as noted in the Bible is peculiar indeed. Of course, the Bible makes mention of resurrection many times, not the least of which is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. However, only once is the “first resurrection” mentioned and it occurs in [more]

What is the first resurrection (Revelation 20:5)?2022-06-24T21:21:06-04:00

What does saved through childbearing mean in 1 Timothy 2:15?


In his first letter to Timothy, Paul makes a statement that deserves a closer look. When he says in 1 Timothy 2:153 that women should be saved through childbearing some immediate questions might arise. For example, is Paul saying that only women that have children can be saved? Or, [more]

What does saved through childbearing mean in 1 Timothy 2:15?2022-06-20T14:49:37-04:00

What is the second death in Revelation?


As a phrase, the second death is only mentioned four times in the Bible. All of them occur in the book of Revelation1,2,3,4. One of these mentioning second death1 gives a fairly explicit definition. It states that the second death is “the lake of fire”. But what more can [more]

What is the second death in Revelation?2022-06-24T20:03:26-04:00

Top 3: Scripture challenges to once saved always saved?


The once saved always saved doctrine (e.g. OSAS) teaches that once someone has been saved they can never fall away or “fall from grace.” This argument usually stems from an absolute position regarding God’s sovereignty. The reasoning goes:

If God is sovereign (which He is), and [more]

Top 3: Scripture challenges to once saved always saved?2022-06-18T09:51:13-04:00

Did Jesus live under the new covenant?


The New Testament begins with the books called the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the accounts of the life of Jesus.  Jesus was the Son of God and promise of the new covenant. But did Jesus live under the new covenant? 

No, Jesus did not [more]

Did Jesus live under the new covenant?2022-06-04T20:34:24-04:00

What is the organization of the church?


When it comes to the organization of the church, there has long been debate and variation.  Whether it is a single worldwide leader (e.g. Pope), or having various “presiding Bishops” to oversee certain groups or regions of churches, or having a single “Pastor” to preside over a local flock. [more]

What is the organization of the church?2022-06-01T18:52:08-04:00

How is Christ’s church defined in the Bible?


Determining how church is defined in the Bible could be done a few different ways. If we were to simply look up the word “church” in our modern dictionaries we would get something like, “a building for public and especially Christian worship” or “the clergy [more]

How is Christ’s church defined in the Bible?2022-05-30T19:13:41-04:00

What is the purpose of worship?


The purpose of worship is a worthwhile question for the believer to ask from time to time. It’s doubtful that a Christian doesn’t understand the need to worship, but remembering the purpose of worship can get lost. There is a sense in which a Christian is always worshiping God [more]

What is the purpose of worship?2022-05-30T13:37:37-04:00

What is salvation according to the Bible?


Defining salvation according to the Bible is yet another instance in which simply getting out a dictionary or “going to the Greek” is useless.  Knowing the Greek word for “salvation” (“soteria” – rescue or safety either physically or morally, deliverance, preservation) doesn’t really help. Understanding salvation according to the [more]

What is salvation according to the Bible?2022-05-30T10:10:14-04:00

Must a New Testament writer always quote in context?


Preterism is a Christian doctrine that teaches the second coming of Jesus and all Bible promises occurred by or before AD70. Among other things, it requires a Christian to take a position that a New Testament writer must always quote an Old Testament prophecy in context. In [more]

Must a New Testament writer always quote in context?2022-05-26T19:00:11-04:00

Top 5: Jesus and OSAS?


When it comes to Jesus and OSAS (the doctrine of “once saved, always saved”), we gathered our top four passages. Once saved, always saved teaches that once a person becomes in a “saved relationship” with God/Christ, there is nothing that can “unsave” them. It is vehemently upheld [more]

Top 5: Jesus and OSAS?2022-05-10T07:36:49-04:00

Is instrumental music in worship authorized?


The use of instrumental music in worship has become a staple in much of modern religious life. Not offering it is an automatic turn-off for many when choosing their church affiliation. In fact, instrumental music in worship is arguably the top one or two worship components that most worship [more]

Is instrumental music in worship authorized?2022-04-25T20:20:01-04:00

Are health and wealth a sign of God’s blessing?


God’s physical blessing of health and wealth in this life is often coined as the “prosperity gospel.” This ‘health and wealth’ doctrine claims that God wants what’s best for you…in this life. Good health and wealth beyond your imagination! It sounds good and it’s certainly alive and well today [more]

Are health and wealth a sign of God’s blessing?2022-05-05T08:31:50-04:00

What is Godly love?


Godly love is a lot like Godly fear or Godly joy; there’s definitely more than meets the eye when measuring “love”, and the Christian’s demonstration of Godly love, according to Scripture. There may not be a more important human emotion to consider under the lens of Paul’s [more]

What is Godly love?2022-04-21T20:23:42-04:00

What is the gift of tongues?


The Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues is often espoused in today’s evangelical world as a “stamp” of God’s approval on the individual. In some cases, as with Kenneth Copeland, the gift of tongues is their proof of anointing as a prophet of God. In other cases, it’s a [more]

What is the gift of tongues?2022-04-02T20:54:08-04:00

Can one fall from grace?


A Christian’s potential to fall from grace is a concept that runs contrary to many in the religious world today. Challenging certain pre-conceived doctrines (e.g Reformed/Calvinism), a fall from grace suggests that a person who had at one time believed and accepted the gospel of Christ, could ‘fall [more]

Can one fall from grace?2022-03-25T17:05:49-04:00

How are works defined in the Bible?


Working through how “works” are defined in Scripture isn’t for the faint of heart. Where one comes down on works defined has led some to question the very inspiration of the Bible. After all, Paul said, “one is justified by faith apart from works” (Romans 3:28). James said, “faith [more]

How are works defined in the Bible?2022-05-15T14:05:09-04:00

Who is the Root of David?


The “Root of David” is a proper name used in Scripture, in particular in the book of Revelation1. As is typical in Bible books of prophecy, a highly figurative and visual term is used to describe something…but what? Many times, we are not able to absolutely assert the [more]

Who is the Root of David?2022-04-21T20:24:17-04:00

Top 4: Results of baptism?


What are the results of baptism? We’ve assembled a list of the top four results of baptism found in Scripture. Where does “it’s an outward showing of an inward commitment” rank? Check out our top four results of baptism…and comment below.

The top four results of baptism [more]

Top 4: Results of baptism?2022-03-27T18:18:11-04:00

Should a Christian use profanity?


Profanity, cursing, swearing….four-letter words! It’s language that is generally not acceptable in “proper” or professional settings. But can’t a Christian use profanity in certain situations? Like when you stub your toe at night? Or when you slice it left into the woods?

A Christian should not use [more]

Should a Christian use profanity?2022-03-27T18:19:41-04:00

Are God’s word and the Holy Spirit the same thing?


It is believed by some that God’s word and the Holy Spirit are the same thing.  Proponents of this idea are often rejecting the idea of a literal indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

God’s word and the Holy Spirit are closely related but are not the same [more]

Are God’s word and the Holy Spirit the same thing?2022-03-27T18:00:00-04:00

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?


Frequently in the discussion about gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Bible’s command to pray in the Spirit3 will be brought up. The assumption here is that the few times the Bible actually talks about the Christian’s need to “pray in the Spirit” is synonymous to and evidence [more]

What does it mean to pray in the Spirit?2022-03-27T18:23:37-04:00

When did the New Covenant begin?


Modern Bibles consist of an Old and New Testament. A “testament” is simply a will (as in “last will and testament”), a legal covenant, or a contract. Therefore, the New Testament in our Bibles represents the New Covenant – or the Law of [more]

When did the New Covenant begin?2022-06-04T20:26:25-04:00

Top 5: Images for baptism?


The writers of the New Testament present several images for baptism. Just as with the images of the church, a picture or image can really help to drive a point, and it is really no different with these top five images for baptism. Baptism has always been part [more]

Top 5: Images for baptism?2022-05-02T18:56:17-04:00

What is God’s pattern of salvation?


Determining God’s pattern of salvation could be a helpful tool in understanding what God requires of us today. Many talk about God’s plan of salvation, but what about God’s pattern of salvation? Obviously, the system under which man is accountable to God has changed since Creation, but God doesn’t [more]

What is God’s pattern of salvation?2022-04-10T20:27:53-04:00

Top 3: Salvation false doctrines?


We have assembled our top three salvation false doctrines.  After tackling dozens of questions related to what the Bible (God) says about salvation and various false doctrines that are promoted by various denominations and [false] teachers, there are three especially that cut to the heart of one’s saved condition [more]

Top 3: Salvation false doctrines?2022-01-22T13:00:29-05:00

What about the thief on the cross?


When it comes to the thief on the cross, it’s usually only raised as the “textbook” example of God’s saving grace. Specifically, it’s raised to counter the necessity of baptism. The popular response is something like, “What about the thief on the cross? Jesus declared him saved without having [more]

What about the thief on the cross?2022-06-04T20:26:43-04:00

What happens next in the Bible?


Many in this world speculate about what happens next. Religious leaders are busy pondering the “end times”. They have elaborate expectations about what happens next in the Bible. For example, a search on “end times timeline” reveals countless charts, documents, and presentations that have been put together to illustrate [more]

What happens next in the Bible?2022-06-20T19:05:09-04:00

How are we saved by grace alone?


“Saved by grace alone” is a catchy phrase that permeates websites and papers discussing salvation. We can’t prove it, but it seems to be “de facto” doctrine among most evangelicals. The grace alone doctrine has its own Latin banner – sola gratia. It is the mantra for whole movements [more]

How are we saved by grace alone?2022-04-08T08:57:14-04:00

When is someone a member of the church?


Becoming a member of the church can mean a couple of different things. Depending on where you live, there are probably many different “local” churches. Within the Christian faith, these “churches” meet at a certain place, at certain designated times, and profess a certain belief system (e.g. [more]

When is someone a member of the church?2022-02-19T13:19:49-05:00

Did Jesus sin?


Did Jesus sin while He walked the earth? Some might argue the question is mute, believing that He couldn’t sin since He was the Son of God. However, Scripture is clear on that point — while Jesus was the Son of God, He was at the same time [more]

Did Jesus sin?2021-12-31T10:13:47-05:00

Did Abram lie about Sarai?


There are a couple of Old Testament stories where we see Abram lie about Sarai, or so it appears. In Genesis 12 and again in chapter 20, we find Abram and Sarai in similar situations that call for a plan. In both instances, Abram (later Abraham) and his wife [more]

Did Abram lie about Sarai?2022-03-27T16:20:14-04:00

Top 5: Images of the church?


Our top five images of the church are powerful! In fact, God very often communicates in His word through imagery and metaphors, and why wouldn’t He given their use “takes an abstract, hard to understand idea and compares it to a simple, concrete, well-understood idea” (“Why [more]

Top 5: Images of the church?2022-05-02T18:58:44-04:00
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