It seems more and more the case that the prerequisite to accurate Bible interpretation requires special training. In fact, this condition or restraint that accurate Bible interpretation requires special training can take many forms. For example, many churches require special training to preach God’s word. It might be referred to as Theology, Seminary, Divinity School, or Biblical Studies. But other perquisites may not be so formal.

Just the implication that Bible interpretation requires special training may be made when a well-credentialed Bible teacher promotes their secular training (“Dr. So-and-So”). Or maybe, they inject knowledge of another language (e.g. Greek) or cultural studies (“Based on Jewish customs…”) into their Bible interpretation. Rarely is a sermon preached today without Greek definitions being thrown about to justify a position. While these may be useful and are not wrong in and of themselves, does Bible interpretation require special training?

Theology is the systematic study of the nature of the divine and, more broadly, of religious belief. It is taught as an academic discipline, typically in universities and seminaries. Wikipedia

How Scripture answers "Does Bible interpretation require special training?"

The Bible actually presents the opposite1,2,4,6,9,10,11 picture about Bible interpretation requiring any special training. It’s presented in various ways whether it’s “going beyond”2, having “confidence in the flesh”4, or elevating those experienced or “aged”10. Requiring or suggesting that Bible interpretation require special training is taught against as it may cause pride and division2. Corinth’s ‘division problem’ was rooted in the notion that Bible interpretation require special training2, and continued with false teachers (“super-apostles”) denigrating Paul’s rejection of the man-made condition8. Paul, one of the two most prominent apostles of Jesus, denounces his formal religious studies and literally says that it is garbage4. What a perfect case study3! We only need God’s word2,5,7,9,11 and should resist any other teachers or wisdom of this world10.

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