Bible answer discussion

This is a virtual session (Zoom) to review two, pre-selected questions. The total meeting time is scheduled for thirty minutes. We’ll tackle each question in 10-15 minutes each.

what do you need to do to prepare?

Nothing. But if you want to contribute or just get a little more out of it, check out the two questions below that will be discussed.

  • Read: The brief introduction (question setup) and the answer.
  • Consider: The scripture-blocks that have been footnoted.
  • Think: Spend some time before the session contemplating the answer and the passages.

What’s up for discussion?

Anything. There are four parts to each question. We’ve put together a complete anatomy of a question for a deeper dive, but the main focus for this discussion is on the answer and the scripture-blocks. However, anything is up for discussion or suggestions for improvement or correction…

  • The Question: Obviously these questions are determined already, but maybe there’s a different way to approach the question?  Or, maybe there are some other ‘off-shoot’ ideas for future questions…

  • The Intro: This pre-amble is to frame the question as needed as well as build in some search engine keywords and links.

  • The Answer: The most critical part for review, refinement and correction.  This is built on the scripture-blocks…

  • The Scripture-blocks: The passages that relate to answering the question. Beyond possibly adding relevant passages, there might be several things to consider with the scripture-blocks already present:

  • improving ‘what does it say?’
  • further qualifying ‘what is the context?’

  • correcting or embellishing ‘how it applies?’

come with your input or just listen in!!