Does the Bible have anything to say about an individual’s age of accountability to God? Does a person reach a point in their lifetime when they are responsible for their sin and require reconciliation to God?

Some might say, “No.” In fact, this answer was given to a similar question on another website:

“The Bible never teaches that there is an ‘age of accountability.’ The term never appears in the Bible nor does the concept in any form. Furthermore, scripture never suggests that children are born without sin or that they cannot be held accountable for sin because they don’t understand or recognize it. Ironically, the Bible teaches exactly the opposite idea: every person is accountable to God for their sin at every age.”

It is true that the term never appears in Scripture. It’s easy enough to do a search to determine that fact. Of course, there are also many other commonly used terms like “dispensation” or “Holy trinity” or “Godhead” that don’t actually appear in the Bible but are nonetheless valid concepts taught in Scripture. But is “the concept” really absent “in any form” or does the Bible “never suggest that children are born without sin”?

How Scripture answers "Is there a specific age of accountability?"

While the term “age of accountability” never appears in Scripture, the concept is most definitely covered1,2,3,4,5,7,8,10,11,12. There is only one place in Scripture where we know a specific age when one recognized their accountability before God7. There are many passages indicating that children are generally innocent or even unaware of evil1,2,4,8,12 (refuting the false doctrine of “original sin”). However, there is some point at which they are able to understand what is required of them3 after hearing God’s word3,9,10,11. At that point, they can choose evil or good5,12a choice for which all will be judged.

*Also noting two passages6,9 sometimes raised in this context but not applicable based on their context.

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