Understanding the Bible

Your Bible is God’s revealed will for your life now and eternally. Understanding the Bible does not require theology degrees or Greek lexicons. Scripture interpreting scripture is the only hermeneutic God has authorized.

Challenge yourself to look into all of God’s word for Bible answers.

Understanding the Bible

God has revealed His will for mankind through the Bible and it’s up to us to read, understand and apply it to our lives.

Challenge yourself to look into all of God’s word for your Bible answers while letting Scripture interpret Scripture.

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“what is truth?”

We hope that you will learn what Scripture has to say about the topics we’ve covered, not because it’s our conclusion but because it’s what God has chosen to reveal to us through His word.

If we’ve missed something, please comment. Let it be known so that all might come to know what Pilate asked Jesus before turning Him over to be crucified, “What is truth?”


our bible study rules

Most ‘Bible question/answer’ sites supply their answer with large amounts of commentary and a few selected passages sprinkled throughout. Our approach is the opposite.

  • Scripture interprets Scripture. With the support of the Bible Study Framework, we want to allow – as best as we are able – God’s thoughts to shape our conclusion and only then provide the commentary. We believe that’s the exact expectation we see of Jesus in His question to the rich, young lawyer in Luke 10. It’s why we say, “Bible answers literally built on scripture.”
  • Using “any, only, all” Scripture. We want to use any Scripture, only Scripture and all Scripture. This is what constitutes full context…we have no authority for man’s ever-growing obstacles to Scripture interpreting Scripture.
  • Never Scripture weighting. While one passage may be a logical place to start on a topic, we never want to “filter” one passage with another. It’s what Satan did when tempting Jesus in the desert in Matthew 4.

God said that scripture interprets scripture1,2,5,6,11,12,15. Furthermore, it is the only practice for interpretation we see in the Bible3,4,7,8,9,10,13,14. We never see someone consulting alternative sources or human wisdom. In fact, we are commanded not to go beyond what is written15. Its entirety forms a complete picture2,8,9,10,12,13. The very idea that God is the sole author1,6 forces the conclusion that Scripture cannot contradict itself5 and must also fully interpret itself since God cannot lie. Of course, we still must draw conclusions and/or teach/explain as needed7,9,14. Jesus required the lawyer to form a conclusion after reading it10 (and only it15). Scripture is the sole source for morality and obedience…it was this way for those under the Law3,4,7,8,10 (“Scripture” for that time) as well as for those (like Timothy1 and us) under the Gospel9,11,13,14,15.

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The best examples of where “Scripture weighting” has been used in popular, religious modern teachings. Let’s not pick and choose verses, but rather simply follow Scripture where it leads.

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